Why are Positive Thoughts So Great?

Why are Positive Thoughts So Great?

Like the old adage goes; ‘you are what you eat’, also goes the thought ‘you are what you think’. With positive thoughts you are a positive person. A positive person can accomplish much more in life, in careers, in relationships and financially than a negative one. You’ve probably heard it thousands of times – think positively! It has become a phrase that has lost it’s meaning. But have you really reflected over it; since this phrase is so widely used, isn’t it likely to hold at least some truth?
For people who have experienced the power of positive thinking, this “phrase” is no hype. And it’s reasonable even for people having never tried to think positively. Why? Because our feelings, knowledge, beliefs and actions are caused by our thoughts. This means we are in control over our feelings, actions and behaviour whether we know it and acknowledge it or not. That’s the truth. So if you want to have a good life and success in whichever area you want, why not start to think Positively? Why not aim high in what you want to accomplish and do your best – and I mean your best? If you do, I can without doubt guarantee that you will reach your goals, whatever they are.
Look at people around you; some are enthusiastic, active and positive, others are dull, passive and not so positive. Who accomplishes the most? What differs people with success from people not so successful are their attitudes. For some, learning, positive development and growth is enjoyable and exciting. For others, it is a drudgery and slowed down because they are afraid to fail. They hesitate to take chances, to take a step outside their comfort zone and will never be able to change if they continue to think like that.
Lincoln once said that most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. Look at it this way. Your attitudes are nothing but habits – positive or not. These habits originated from the feedback you got from parents, friends, other significant others and yourself. Your attitudes are maintained and sustained by the pattern that has been shaped in your brain by the inner conversations you constantly have had with yourself through all the years. Why not let your self-image and your image of your environment be re-built by yourself – we all know that you have power enough inside you and are in a position to do it ins a positive way.
But how do you do it actually? I’ll tell you soon.

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