What Inhibits Our Learning?

What Inhibits Our Learning?

Our behavior is formed under two desires: to be rewarded or to avoid punishment. If you have a stimulus to learn your potential will endlessly grow. The process of learning involves a lot of other including habit development. There is a way to speed up this process and that is to create a situation for where you have no choice but to succeed. Don’t be afraid to go into details to get what you wish. Put yourself into the circumstances where victory is the only solution. We are learning only when we have desire to improve. To be successful in this you have to train our brains. All the distracting moments should be pout aside. Concentrate on the main goal and slowly but surely move forward. Eliminate irrelevant issues and forget about the volume of information. The quantity is not important the only thing that matters is the quality of knowledge acquired. Do not be afraid to go back to what you have learnt and go over it once more.

While learning we seek facts that appear to be supportive to our statements. If there is a controversy, we seek for more details to eliminate it. We are young discoverers throughout life and nothing brings more pleasure than the fact that you have learnt more. But there are several obstacles one has to overcome. The first one is laziness. No human will be willing to do something unless he or she is provoked. The next barrier is fear. The volumes of information overwhelming a person makes him feel lost and confused. The unknown is likely to scare, create many more obstacles. The way out is will. Focus just on the task and break the barrier. The process will reduce fear and grow self-confidence. No one is insured from making mistakes. This is what we learn from. This process is unavoidable and the fear is a barrier until it is ignored and bound by strong will.

There are more complicated things to overcome. It is strange, but there is a false belief that the person may become all-knowing. Knowledge is an abstract noun that can not be derived without thorough research. None knows the limits. It is a spiritual universe where everything is possible and there are no restrictions. Knowledge can not be assessed or counted. It is impossible to know everything when you are not even willing to know yourself. This is the truth expressed by most philosophers and the truth that has been washed with tears and blood. No further proof needed. Open your heart to knowledge and become wiser by admitting how little you know and how much more you are willing to.

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