Wetland are classified as areas of land that remain wet all of the time. Many people don’t realize how important these swamp areas really are to our environment. They may be annoyed by the smell of the water, the algae growing in it, and the pesty insects such as mosquitoes that always seem to be hanging around such areas. Yet there are plenty of plants and well as aquatic life here that depend on that type of environment for their survival.

In order to help protect these wetland areas from destruction a great deal of attention and money is spent to promote them. It is believed that the more education a person has about what goes on in the wetlands the more willing they will be to leave it alone. It won’t be the ideal setting in their minds for a new business to be erected or roads to be built through.

There has been plenty of research done to study both the plants and animals that live in the wetlands. While they are able to adapt to various conditions they can’t survive if the soil under the water is removed. This type of soil doesn’t have any oxygen at all in it. They also continue to depend on moisture from the climate to add to their habitat, groundwater to settle in the area, and for water to come to them from various sources around the area.

There are some benefits to us of the wetlands for the environment that we don’t readily see as well. It is believed that the wetlands are able to absorb strong winds that may otherwise destroy things in its way. They can also collect large amounts of water which may prevent flooding from occurring in lower lying levels if the water was allowed to continue flowing.

Experts have calculated that approximately 5% of animals on Earth and 30% of plant life reside in the natural habitat of the wetlands. If it continues to be destroyed by humans then many of these plants and animals will become endangered and then extinct. This will have a devastating effect on society as a whole due to upsetting the natural order of the food chain.

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