This Dad Makes Hilarious Signs And Costumes Each Time He Goes To Pick His Daughter Up From The Airport

If you didn’t know it yet – dads are the best comics and it can be proved by many Bored Panda articles (this, or this one, for instance). Recently, this dad also made headlines for his adorable sense of humor.

We all know how easily embarrassed teenagers and young adults are by their parents and this dad is using it to his advantage. Every time he picks his daughter up from the airport, he comes up with hilarious costumes and pick-up signs. His daughter shared some of the photos on Twitter and it almost instantly went viral, amassing over 60k likes.

This dad always make sure to meet his daughter at the airport with a festive spirit

Image credits: Courtney Payne

This Kansas City area-based dad is always happy to pick up his daughter from the airport when she comes back home for a visit. Currently, his 24-year-old daughter Courtney is earning her graduate degree and doesn’t live with her parents anymore. Therefore, every time she comes back home, her father makes sure to make it a memorable event.

“Every time my dad picks me up from the airport, he makes a sign”

Image credits: Courtney Payne

Courtney took it to Twitter where she posted four photos of her dad, Doug, looking dapper in his costumes made specifically for his daughter’s arrival. “Every time my dad picks me up from the airport, he makes a sign,” she wrote in her tweet.

Most recently, Courtney was greeted by her dad Doug dressed up as Santa’s elf

Image credits: Courtney Payne

Last time Courtney arrived at Kansas City airport, she found her father Doug dressed up as an elf, holding a sign with her name listed on ‘Santa’s Naughty List.’ Courtney even posted a video on her Twitter of her seemingly embarrassed, but nonetheless amused, at the moment she sees her dad at the airport.

“KC welcomes Miranda Lambert”

Image credits: Courtney Payne

On another occasion, Courtney’s dad dressed up in a black suit and held up a sign that read “KC welcomes Miranda Lambert.”


Image credits: Courtney Payne

Another time, he went with the celebrity route again, holding up a sign that read “Kardashian.”

“Welcome to KC, Miss Oregon Courtney Payne”

Image credits: Courtney Payne

Last year, when Doug’s daughter came home before Thanksgiving, he greeted her with a neon green sign welcoming “Miss Oregon” to Kansas City Airport.

Doug could not believe that his daughter’s tweet has been liked so many times

Image credits: Courtdawg22

Courtney captured him on video telling her that there’s “no way” this could be because she doesn’t even know that many people. Well, but certainly more than 60k people now know both of you!

Here’s what Twitter folks thought

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