The Truths behind Oral Herpes & Colloidal Silver

The Truths behind Oral Herpes & Colloidal Silver

Of all the most controversial holistic medicines available to the public, colloidal silver is perhaps the most promising. Because most of its claims may very well be true –that is theoretically due to the inherent property of unique to colloidal silver.

So what is the truth behind oral herpes & colloidal silver? This is the truth: There has been no solid medical proof that colloidal silver can indeed cure herpes, there’s no official research and testing to find out colloidal silver’s effectiveness in eliminating the Herpes Simplex Virus. Do not swallow everything that the colloidal silver advocates throw at you, but instead believe in what you know about oral herpes & colloidal silver.

Do you know everything you need to know about oral herpes & colloidal silver? Please read on.

All this doesn’t mean you have to scrap the idea of using colloidal silver. Because whatever those therapeutic claims may be, colloidal silver’s property as a microbe killer is very well established. In fact, even those medical researchers that shy away from researching colloidal silver based material can agree that colloidal silver indeed does have an outstanding antiseptic quality. If you are in a situation that eyes this colloidal silver as a way out to an otherwise embarrassing clinical diagnosis, then by all means supplement your medications with this silver wonder.

Colloidal silver is an astonishing mixture. Since 1950s, colloidal silver has been used to purify air on some air conditioners, make an impure water potable, and has been regarded as an effective topical antiseptic for a couple of decades. It was even a prescribed treatment meticulously detailed on the US Navy Corpsman Manual until 1973. After which, its wide use evaporated after it was proven that it causes Argyria. However, until recently, people had begun taking colloidal silver as supplements disregarding the fact that it causes Argyria.

Oral herpes, on the other hand, is caused by Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1. Infecting the mouth upon contact, it manifests itself noticeably after a month the most as sores or blisters filled of fluid, which is highly contagious. It spreads rapidly due to the sores being very itchy even before it emerges as open sores. If you were to use colloidal silver as a supplemental medication, if topical, consider using disposable gloves. Another method is using forceps to swab the area with colloidal silver dipped cotton. You may even coat it in a cream after swabbing it with the colloidal silver solution.

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