The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies

Over and over the huge grizzly bear stabs her powerful paw into the mountain river, fishing for her breakfast in the chilly, shallow water. A cool, crisp mountain breeze drifts through the valley; moist morning dew blankets the ground. The soothing sound of running water plays continuously as the sun scales the mountain peaks and illuminates the dawn sky.
There can be few places on earth with the raw, natural beauty displayed throughout the Rocky Mountains. Vast forests race up the huge grey, granite faces until the grade becomes too steep to support the great myriad of roots. Songs of birds emanate through the deep valley as they sing and dance amongst the tall trees. The still waters of the broad lake mirror the gathering, grey clouds forming in the sky. Rainfall looks likely.
Upstream from the lake, the grizzly perseveres in her attempts to catch salmon. Her young cub watches inquisitively; her only chance of survival is to learn the predatory skills of her mother.
A clap of thunder echoes around the valley; angry clouds combine to mask the sun. The light darkens and shadows disappear. Birds scatter from their perches in the lofty trees and circle overhead, assessing what the weather will do next.
The bright morning sunshine gives way to afternoon showers. Rain splashes upon the flowing stream, earning sanctuary for the swimming fish as the grizzly and her cub head for the shelter of the thick forest green.
Observing grizzly bears is one of the most exciting adventure holidays to be had. Vancouver Island Destinations offer spectacular springtime grizzly bear viewing holidays at Glendale Cove, Knight Inlet in British Columbia. Timed to coincide with the end of the grizzly’s hibernation period, watch the bears emerge from their winter slumber and tread wearily through the melting snow to feed amongst the river lowlands.
You can observe the bears begin to fatten themselves up, from the complete safety of a river boat. Binoculars are a must for those great close-ups, and an opportunity to witness the bear in predatory mode as they retune their fishing skills. Obviously binoculars help to keep a safe distance, but also allow you to watch the bears act completely naturally, undisturbed by human presence.
Both boat and land viewing tours are available up to the beginning of October. For more information visit the Vancouver Island Destinations web site.

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