The Basics Of Web Design: Gimmicks Don’t Sell

The Basics Of Web Design: Gimmicks Don’t Sell

Some website developers make the mistake of believing their visitors are stupid. Now, they may not say it directly, but they allow visitors to come to that conclusion every day.

Some ecommerce websites want your business so badly they reprogram the back button on their site to bring pop-up advertisements to your screen without actually sending you to a previous page. In most cases you need to eliminate the page completely and start your Internet program again just to have the opportunity to continue looking at other sites.

It may sound clever to think you have the potential of keeping a potential client locked into your website for a longer period of time, but the truth is this tactic generally creates highly motivated customers. These are the type of customers that are extremely motivated to never visit such the site again.

Another tactic that usually does not connect well with visitors is one that is ultra hard sell. If the customer feels as if you are not interested in anything more than the sale they will leave quickly.

It’s natural to want to close the sale, but the truth is cyber business is all about information and trust. If you don’t provide relevant information potential customers may refine their search and keep looking for someone who does.

Customers are also happy clickers. Web users make decisions about your website very quickly. If your site takes too long to download they will likely click the back button and venture down a different trail.

Consider using only important graphics like your business logo and product photos. Work at developing a streamlined and easy to navigate site. Make sure the pages load quickly and that any reasons for your potential client to leave are eliminated.

Whenever possible you should also make all of your web pages consistent in navigational function. Your online visitor needs to be able to get to virtually anywhere on your site in n more than two clicks. This means a comprehensive and easy to understand main menu with sensible sub menus that have them moving through your site like a pro. Too many times netrepreneurs will have pages that have no means of navigating back to the main page or even a sub menu.

If you find the page through a search engine you may have no easy means of connecting with the rest of the site.

Help your customer with information, respect and easy navigation and you are much more likely to find them actually considering a purchase. Internet consumers are becoming much more savvy and have little tolerance for cyber gimmicks.

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