Russian Orphans

<H3>Russian Orphans</H3>

In Russia, you will discover that there are approximately four million children that are classified as orphans. There aren’t enough shelters and orphanages for all of them so many continue to live out on the streets. You will see children of all ages out there doing all they can to survive. Some have adjusted well to their situation but many are alone and scared. They are also hungry and cold and not sure what is going to happen to them.

These children may turn to desperate acts in order to get their basic needs met. They include stealing, drugs, and prostitution. They also don’t attend school or get the social skills they need. They are living in survival mode only and not being able to enjoy being a child. Due to the poor quality of life on the streets for Russian orphans, many of them commit suicide.

In order to help Russian orphans to have the best possible life, there are several organizations helping out. They work hard to make sure these children have a decent place to live and food to eat. They help them with school activities and social interactions. They also work very hard to match up children with couples that are interested in adopting them. They want to make sure every child that leaves goes to a home where they are loved and wanted.

These types of non profit organizations in Russia can always use more funding and supplies to help the orphans. You can donate money or send supplies to help them out. You can also go online to get all of the specific information relating to how to adopt of the many Russian orphans. They all deserve to find a good home with people who will love and care for them.

There are also sponsorship programs out there where you can choose a particular child to send money for. They will be able to correspond with you and you will benefit from knowing what your money is being used for. This is a great alternative if it just won’t be possible for you to adopt one of these children. This can be done for less than $1 a day which is too good to pass up.

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