Malaria is a type of illness people get due to parasites entering their body. This occurs when they are bitten by certain species of mosquitoes which have been infected by the parasites. This is very serious because the parasites will settle into a person’s liver. Here they will continue to multiple and then they will begin to attach themselves to the red blood cells in the body.

If the Malaria is treated early on a person has a very good chance of survival. However, many people don’t associate their illness with getting bitten by mosquitoes. Many of the symptoms of Malaria are similar to those of the flu. They include fever, headache, and vomiting. Up to a two week period can take place between the mosquito bite and the onset of Malaria symptoms.

There are some very good medications out there that can kill the parasites in the body. The sooner a person seeks medical treatment, the better their chances of recovery are. It can really destroy the immune system and take a long time for a person to fully recover from Malaria. Simple illnesses may take a severe toll on them due to their immune system being so weakened by the parasites.

More than 500 million people are diagnosed annually with one of four types of Malaria. The majority of these cases take place in third world countries. Individuals that travel to these areas are required to get a vaccination to help prevent the chances of them contracting any form of Malaria.

Yet one issue is that many of the mosquitoes that have the parasites have become immune to certain vaccinations. This means that you may think you are going to be safe from contracting Malaria but that isn’t the case. Researchers continue to monitor the mosquitoes know to have the parasites and to offer effective vaccines that can help prevent people from contacting it.

There are many different medications that can be given to a person diagnosed with Malaria. What will be given depends on what the region has readily available. It will also depend on the type of Malaria they have been diagnosed with as well as the severity of it. In many third world countries there simply isn’t enough medication available for all of those that have become infected with Malaria.

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