Just In Case You Dont Know.. Baby Crocs Sound Like Theyre Shooting Laser Guns

I just learned about this today and it’s the best. Strange to think something so cute and adorable will grow up to be so fierce and feared in the animal kingdom.

The original video was posted by Brad Valle of the Dragonwood Wildlife Conservancy, a 501C3 non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of threatened endangered and critically endangered reptiles.

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Happy friday the thirteenth full harvest moon crazy epic awesomeness!!! To take the chill out of such a frightening and energetical day hahaha I will give u happy smiling babies!!! Not just any babies but some of our #cubancrocodile babies. One of last years clutch! Our interaction is phenomenal it’s actually awesome! They follow me and my hand anywhere and just wanna be anywhere I am! It’s a great start to a beautiful friday the thirteenth! Have an awesome day and weekend! Be safe be healthy smile and laugh and love a lot! ðŸŠðŸ’–💖ðŸŠðŸ¤™!!! #babycrocsrock #crocodiles #reptilesofinstagram #awesome #life #love #reptiles #donate #thedragonwoodconservancy #nonprofit #conservation #conservancy #adorable #babyanimals #crocodilelove

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Read more: https://twistedsifter.com/videos/baby-crocs-making-laser-sounds/

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