Conquering Your First Fear: Tandem Sky Diving

Conquering Your First Fear: Tandem Sky Diving

Falling at 200 mph at the height of 8000 feet is no joke. And the fear of it is well established. Who wouldn’t, after all when you are falling on such height at such speed everything else’s flies out the window -even your pride. Then you scream shrilly like any girl on a Sunday. Okay I’m kidding.

The truth is: it’s nothing to be ashamed of, because up there and out there no other feeling of aloneness can ever be more profound. During my first few jumps (and doing tandem sky diving) I often find myself checking (embarrassingly) to see if the instructor in tandem with me is still there.

You see, tandem sky diving serves a greater purpose, a comforting presence as you take the first jump. And if truth be told, it is always the first jump that is the most testing to a newcomer. Having gained the familiarity of the air and the feel of achieving terminal velocity, the beginner will slowly feel more secure until he can manage to jump on his own.

Of course, tandem sky diving is also an important learning procedure to know when to pull the cord, what the proper body position should be, and how to maneuver to a safe landing spot on a safe landing speed. Because it is relevant to say that most accidents in sky diving often occur under a fully functioning canopy. And landing speed is perhaps the trickiest part in sky diving.

Almost all drop zones offer basics for beginning jumpers. And of course these drop zones also offer tandem sky diving. But there are those that are more inclined to provide better tutorial services for tandem sky diving. Take note, tandem sky diving is intended for beginner jumpers so that they will know the basics. It is still a teaching procedure in itself, and tandem instructors should be teaching you, not just accompanying you for a ride.

Conquer that trepidation. Do it one at a time. Try tandem sky diving once, twice, or thrice or until you are confident in sky diving alone. Sky diving is perhaps the safest of all extreme sports. There are the fewest accidents to occur on sky diving compared to rugby union or American football, and they aren’t even called extreme. Conquer your initial sky diving fear with tandem sky diving and soon enough you’ll be occupied with more of those things sky diving has to offer than just rushing to the ground and ground breaking speed.

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