Canada Welfare

Canada offers welfare programs for those in need in an effort to raise the quality of life for families. They want to remove as many people from poverty level as they possibly can. They do expect people to do all they can first though before they come in for cash assistance from the government. There is a great deal of documentation that has to be completed to show that a person has exhausted all of their other possible options before they turned to cash assistance under the local welfare program.

Canada continues to strive to offer the very best programs they can for the welfare programs. In 1993 they implemented some changes in order to reform the process. This was the result of extensive statistically analysis and research. As a result they were able to pinpoint some weak areas that needed to be changed in order to continue serving the best interest of those in need.

They are very limited in the amount of money they can assist a particular family with though. As a result of that they have a high number of cases that they can’t seem to help get out of the cycle of poverty. Even when the are successful in finding work they generally can’t get anything more than minimum wage. Implementing programs that allow them to get an education are important as well.

Current statistics show that about 5% of the people living in Canada are currently receiving welfare benefits. Working to identify what is causing them to continue in poverty is important. Giving them more money isn’t the answer though as it can often backfire. You also have budget restraints and the negative views of those in the Canadian society that don’t believe welfare should be an option.

One area of welfare recipients that continues to be a problem though are those that are disabled. They continue to lose money as welfare benefits for them get cut. Yet they can’t go out and get a job due to their disability. As a result many of them are homeless or living with too many people in one location. Hopefully this area of welfare in Canada will change to give them more of a chance of survival.

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