‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Alum Jade Roper Tolbert Accused Of Cheating Following $1 Million Fantasy Football Win! – Perez Hilton

Donald Trump isn’t the only one having to defend himself from accusations of collusion… at least for this week.

Almost unbelievably, Bachelor in Paradise season two winner Jade Roper Tolbert won one MILLION dollars on Sunday night in a DraftKings fantasy football challenge. And almost immediately after, shrewd Twitter users unearthed clues which made them wonder if she’d illegally colluded with husband Tanner Tolbert to do so. Yeah, this is a strange one!!!

DraftKings says they’re now investigating the win, but has thus far not given any indication about foul play. We’ll see what they come up with; we have more from their end (below).

Regardless, ICYMI — since this happened right in the middle of the Golden Globes — let’s go all the way back to the start and show you how this crazy controversy cropped up…

Jade’s Improbable Win

On Sunday evening, an eagle-eyed fantasy football player noticed the name on the top of the list in DraftKings’ million dollar challenge was the same as the Bachelor Nation alum.

He tweeted it out with a screenshot (below), and immediately the s**t hit the fan:

You only know because your girlfriend “forces” you to watch it? Uh-huh. Suuuure, pal. LOLz!

Anyways, the 32-year-old reality TV star confirmed as much by quote-tweeting his screenshot, and adding (below):

“Hahaha that’s me! And Tanner told me I shouldn’t play DK Metcalf!”

(DK Metcalf is a wide receiver for the NFL‘s Seattle Seahawks. He had a HUGE game on Sunday. By having him in her fantasy football lineup, Jade won a ton of points and ultimately secured the bag.)

Jade then quote-tweeted a second tweet about her seven-figure win, adding how she felt “speechless” about coming out on top in the extremely competitive online contest:

A million dollars richer from playing fantasy football… crazy!!!

Fellow Bachelor in Paradise alum Carly Waddell chimed in, too, celebrating the win with her own comment:


From there, all hell broke loose.

The story went viral across social media and the dual worlds of fantasy football and reality TV improbably collided in the form of a MILLION dollar cash prize.

Welcome to 2020!

‘This Is Absolute Insanity’

As the shock wore off, though, Twitter users started to pick up on what they felt was illegal collusion by the reality TV couple.

Numerous users posted screenshots pointing out how, for example, many of Jade’s chosen players were playing in the set of games on Saturday, while most of her husband’s were playing on Sunday. By doing this, the sleuths claimed, the couple was able to spread out their collective picks and rack up as many points as possible without having to compete directly against each other, thereby increasing their odds to win.

One frustrated Twitter user wrote:

“This is absolutely insanity and is the the clearest collusion ever. Check the QBs lmao. She and her husband cheated, end of story.”

And another doubled down on it:

“Everyone realizes the two of them max entered and split their player exposure, right? And that is illegal.”

There were plenty more tweets where all that came from.

Suffice to say, MANY social media commenters (and presumable fantasy football losers) were less than happy with how the whole thing went down.

The Goose Shows Up…

Things reached a boiling point when fellow Bachelor in Paradise alum Chris Randone — a very involved fantasy football player, himself — tweeted (and deleted) his congratulations to Tanner, and not Jade, on the big win.

“The Goose” tagged Tanner on the social media site, congratulating him for “winning the f**king milly maker!!!!”

Before Krystal Nielson‘s husband could wipe the tweet off his feed, though, Tanner replied (below):

“Technically Jades lineup won…but til death do us part”


But to many, it further pointed to signs of illegal collusion.

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