Avalanche Tents

<H3>Avalanche Tents</H3>

Years ago avalanche tents were essentially used by many individuals who were going on exploration expeditions on a rather snowy mountain or slope. The avalanche tents were considered four seasons in the terms that they could be heated by heat lamps or other devices. The tents also kept the wind to a minimum for those who were in an area of a slope or mountain side that could be a potential danger for an avalanche.

For some people the idea of an avalanche was also a form of security should an avalanche occur. The tent would be thrown upward hopefully staying on the surface where the individual was being taken under the snow. However, the individual would try desperately to hang onto some part of the tent as well.

In today’s society however for those who attempt to go out on these slopes or areas for expedition or enjoyment, the avalanche tent has all but become obsolete. The reasoning for this is due to the fact that high winds often cause the tents to collapse or even be carried away at some point. Individuals are attempting to go to higher elevations and find the avalanche tents too much to carry in weight as well.

So, as an alternative to the avalanche tents rock shelters or small caves are replacing the tents as a means of shelter. According to research, this in some ways is better because of the reduction of wind. Although to others who know that some of the different types of avalanche tents in times past were capable of holding in heat disagree.

The avalanche tents also provided individuals with some form of survival in the unexpected event of an avalanche as well, and when no tent is carried then they ultimately disregard this added benefit of having a means of being found by rescue workers.

Some people also use what is known as snow caving now too, but there is a risk doing this. Should there be a large amount of snowfall the individual is basically trapped. Or in the event of an avalanche the same thing can happen. With the usage of the avalanche tents individuals were usually aware of what was going on quicker because of the material the tents are made of.

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