Saturday Night Live


Im Not Choking Her!: How an Andy Kaufman Joke Lives on Today

In the canon of big, important American years, 1979 doesn't get as much attention as say, 1776, or 1812, or 1945. But it had some sleeper hits: Sony dropped the Walkman; Voyager 1 found Jupiters rings; Aaliyah was bornalso, comedian Saturday Night Live, wrestled Lacoste heiress Mimi Lambert for three straight minutes, pinned her, kicked […]

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SNL: Alec Baldwins Trump Admits I Dont Care About America

This weeks Saturday Night Live opened with a special news alert from President Donald Trumps Ultimately, SNLs Trump took more questions than the actual president did at his caravan of immigrants heading towards the U.S. for the plot of Max Max: Fury Road. Here is the thing that no one else is saying and Im […]

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Saturday Night Live: Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump and those Russia connections

Kate McKinnon as the attorney general eats through a box of chocolates at a bus stop and a very special pie served by The Helps Octavia Spencer In so many ways Saturday Night Live is a tradition-based show it very rarely breaks format, mixes live and pre-taped elements, or toys with meta comedy. But this […]

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