Inside Cory Booker’s underdog campaign to win Iowa

Sioux City, Iowa (CNN)Sen. Cory Booker was fielding the usual voter questions in northwestern Iowa on Friday, capping off a day of schlepping across 200 miles of fertile caucus land, when a man asked him “The Question.” Those candidates — along with former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and businessman Tom Steyer — […]

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Bloomberg places at least $37 million in television advertising over next two weeks

(CNN)Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has placed at least $37 million worth of television advertising over the next two weeks, according to data from Kantar Media/CMAG, possibly signaling that his formal entry to the 2020 presidential race is imminent. Steyer, worth $1.6 billion, has spent at an unparalleled rate on TV campaign ads […]

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Trump assaults facts to survive impeachment

(CNN)Donald Trump is seeking to survive impeachment the same way he built his powerful presidency — by assaulting facts and seeking to expand the limitations of the office he is accused of abusing. Attorney General William Barr meanwhile reprised his role spinning his boss out of trouble, dismissing his own department’s watchdog report that debunked […]

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Why Twitter underestimates Joe Biden

(CNN)First things first: The theme song of the week is Out Front from ESPN’s NFL Primetime. I can’t help but wonder whether part of Harris’ failure was that her campaign cared too much about Twitter (to the extent that it wanted to ban President Donald Trump from it), while Biden continues to succeed because his […]

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Money woes reshape 2020 Democratic presidential field two months before Iowa

Washington (CNN)Sen. Kamala Harris‘ abrupt departure Tuesday from the 2020 presidential race underscores how much the financial landscape has shifted for Democratic presidential contenders — richly rewarding the candidates who can appeal to small-dollar donors and hobbling some of those competing for the favor of the wealthy contributors who have traditionally fueled campaigns. But the […]

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Trump ignores Pentagon advice and intervenes in military war crimes cases

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump ignored Pentagon advice Friday and pardoned two service members, while also restoring the rank of a third after all faced war crimes allegations. A US Defense official told CNN that the leadership of the Defense Department made every effort to ensure that the President had all the necessary information at his […]

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Federal judge awards journalist Jason Rezaian and family $180 million

(CNN)Federal Judge Richard Leon in Washington, DC, on Friday ordered Iran to pay Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian and his family $180 million for his 544 days in custody. “Holding a man hostage and torturing him to gain leverage in negotiations with the United States is outrageous, deserving of punishment, and surely in need of […]

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Graham: Impeachment inquiry is ‘invalid’ without whistleblower’s testimony

Washington (CNN)Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham asserted Sunday that the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump is “invalid” unless the identity of the anonymous whistleblower whose complaint sparked House Democrats’ probe is revealed. Trump impeachment tracker: Following all the action in Congress Trump impeachment inquiry: A visual timeline Trump’s Ukraine scandal: Who’s who? The phases […]

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‘I am not a Russian spy’: Jill Stein slams Clinton’s accusations

Washington (CNN)Former 2016 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein slammed Hillary Clinton’s accusations that she and 2020 Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard are Russian assets, calling Clinton’s comments a “wild and insulting theory.” Stein told CNN on Saturday that Clinton’s remarks “speaks to Hillary’s need to try to explain, perhaps to herself, why her campaign was […]

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Wall Street Journal: Giuliani associates asked former Ukrainian President to investigate Bidens and 2016 election

(CNN)Two associates of President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani asked the former Ukrainian President in February to open an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and alleged interference into the 2016 election — and in turn receive a state visit to Washington, DC, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. Poroshenko, who was […]

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