NYPD Posts The Adventures Of Their Law & Order-Themed Elf On The Shelf

At the beginning of the month, the police used Twitter to reveal the new addition to their team, an Elf on the Shelf who they have called, in typical elf naming tradition, Pete on the Beat. The Elf on the Shelf, if you’re not familiar with the custom, is a messenger for Santa, tasked with […]

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What The Inventories Of Various Emergency Services Look Like Over The World (30 Pics)

So knolling is a type of flat-lay photography, where different objects are arranged at 90-degree angles from each other, then photographed from above. The look is symmetrical and pleasing to the eye and allows people to see a variety of objects in a single picture; perfect for demonstrating equipment or an inventory, for example. The […]

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30 Of The Worst And Funniest Beach Fails Shared For Jimmy Fallons Challenge

Jimmy Fallon, the host of the popular The Tonight Show, asked his viewers to share their biggest, baddest beach blunders. “It’s Hashtags time! Tag a tweet with #2 Sea, sand, and sun should be all about fun but they’re not, as these people’s responses to Fallon’s challenge will show you. Beware. Some of these stories […]

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‘I could have shot you in front of your fucking kids’: how cops dehumanize black people | Paul Butler

Why would anyone treat someone this way? Research gives a grim answer: some police literally think of blacks as subhuman I could have shot you in front of your fucking kids. Thats what a Phoenix police officer told Iesha Harper, an African American woman arrested with her husband after their four-year-old daughter was sleeping in […]

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Viral video shows police lied about arrest of pregnant Black mother

police who claimed that they feared for their safety last month. 22-year-old Dravon Ames. Get your fucking hands off, one police officer repeatedly. Get your fucking hands off, he screams again. You’re gonna fucking get shot, the officer screams. I dont give a shit, put your hands up, says the officer. A few feet away […]

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Suspected serial rapist may have been freed from jail early in error

Police hunt Joseph McCann as urgent review is launched into his release on licence An urgent review has been launched over fears that an extremely dangerous Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/may/01/urgent-review-over-serial-suspect-freed-early-from-prison

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The school-to-prison pipeline is getting worse for black and brown girls | Jaquira Daz

In the US, black and Latinx girls are disproportionately punished and assaulted by school administrators for simple infractions such as showing emotions More than 20 years ago, when I was a 12-year-old queer kid coming to terms with her sexuality, I ran away from home. It was after school had let out for the summer, […]

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New Banksys Appear in NYC, Including Giant Mural of Imprisoned Artist

New works by Banksy have started to appear around New York including this giant mural the artist did in collaboration with graffiti writer Borf. The mural shows Turkish artist Zehra Dogan, who a year ago was sentenced to jail for nearly three years by the Turkish courts for a watercolour painting she did based on […]

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K9 Police Dog Makes the Best Entrances Ever

Meet Jester, a beautiful Belgian Malinois working in the K9 unit of the El Cajon Police Department in California. Jester, along with his partner J. Walker help keep the residents of El Cajon safe. Did I mention he makes the bestest entrances ever? On Instagram, Jester has amassed a huge following of over 145,000 followers […]

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Police ‘opted against action’ over ex-Chelsea player’s sex abuse claim

NSPCC says it has made more than triple the number of referrals to police or childrens services than from its Jimmy Savile helpline The former Chelsea youth team player who says he was non-recent sexual abuse in football clubs in London. The Professional Footballers Association has confirmed it was not contacted by the player over […]

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