Sad letter to Santa prompts postal worker to take action: ‘Dear Santa, last year you didnt notice me’

“Dear Santa,” read the letter, “last year you didn’t notice me, so I hope this year you notice me and this year I will be good.” (Courtesy of Melissa Stinsman) Melissa Stinsman, a worker for the Bloomsburg Post Office, helps answer letters written to Santa, Yahoo Lifestyle reports. During the holidays, she volunteers to spend […]

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Maine man helps lonely duck with surprising dating ad

An advertisement for a single duck seeking a partner is seen on a bulletin board at the Blue Hill Co-op, Thursday in Blue Hill, Maine. The duck’s owner, Chris Morris, is using the dating ad to try to find a match for one of his ducks who lost its mate to a hungry bobcat a […]

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Spanish pool deaths case can be closed, police say

The spokesman said that, from what they have seen, there is no accountability on the part of the hotel. Tributes paid to family who drowned at resort Man and children drowned ‘in tragic accident’ However, police returned to the resort on Monday and were speaking to hotel staff. The BBC has been told that they […]

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Gavin & Stacey set for a crackin’ Christmas

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionJames Corden speaks to the BBC’s Colin Paterson about being back in Barry Island and why he decided it was time for a reunion Oh! What’s occurring? Christmas on Barry Island, that’s what. Ten years since we left the fab four – Gavin, Stacey, Nessa and Smithy […]

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Don Imus clash with Clintons at DC correspondents dinner in 1996 was among controversial moments

Don Imus, left, was never invited back to a Washington dinner after speaking with President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton in attendance in 1996. Kenan Block, then the outgoing president of the group, told the newspaper that Imus had assured him he wouldn’t insult the Clintons. “He said, “I can’t tell womanizing jokes […]

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Dad who weighed 322 pounds sheds half his weight after theme-park incident: ‘That did it for me’

Blake Lewis and daughter Sophie when he weighed 322 pounds. (SWNS) “My daughter Sophie didn’t understand why we couldn’t go on the ride because we had sat down alright. I knew I was big but when I couldn’t get the belt over my stomach I thought: ‘This doesn’t happen to people every day. Something is […]

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Four ways the Mars 2020 rover will pave the way for a manned mission

(CNN)When NASA’s Mars 2020 rover lands on the Red Planet in February 2021, it will touch down in Jezero Crater, the site of a lake that existed 3.5 billion years ago. The next generation rover will build on the goals of previous robotic explorers by collecting the first samples of Mars, which would be returned […]

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Oklahoma man uses golf club on alleged home intruder: report

Franklin Markwardt Trending in US Read more:

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How Trump has given Biden a major campaign boost

(CNN)After three years of his chaotic presidency, President Donald Trump has made nostalgia a big, bold idea among Democrats. This is one of the secrets to former Vice President Joe Biden’s ongoing success in the polls. The President, with the full support of his party in Congress, has pushed politics so far off-kilter that Americans […]

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