How To Ask For Money Instead of Gifts This Holiday Season | Betches

holidays give me all the life I’ll ever need. Even now, as a 26-year-old jaded New Yorker who is impressed by nothing, I tear open a perfectly-wrapped gift with the same energy that most people save for fighting strangers at Target on Black Friday. However, sometimes I’ll rip off the wrapping paper, lift the cardboard […]

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Will You Always Love Your First Love? An Unofficial Study | Betches

Judy f*cking Bloom character. He was beautiful, with his dark, curly hair and unsettling hazel eyes with a green speck right next to his left pupil.  He was all wrong for me because, of course he was. Maybe that’s what made him right? He would pull his hoodie over his head and sleep in the […]

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2020 Golden Globes Recap: Its the Last Time, Who Cares | Betches

you1,500 bottles of champagneThis year, the Golden Globes were hosted by Ricky Gervais, marking the fifth time he’s held the honor, and his first time hosting since 2016. Now, I’m a fan of Ricky because at his best he is scathing, and at his worst he makes everyone so uncomfortable you can actually physically feel […]

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Most Dramatic Celebrity Breakups Of 2019 | Betches

Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, the multiple consecutive days where you don’t have to change out of your pajamas, and finally, looking back on all the juicy breakups that happened throughout the year. I believe the phrase is “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is by recounting strangers’ personal pain loudly for all to hear,” […]

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Has The Bachelor Changed At All In The Last 10 Years? | Betches

The Bachelorair my grievancesBachelorThe Bachelors Still Ain’t Sh*t he BachelorThe BachelorFlash forward 10 years, and the franchise has completely evolved. In 2020 the next Bachelor will be a pilot from California whose face I might not even remember if a gun was pointed directly at my head and I had to distinguish him from any […]

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A Breakdown Of Peter’s Contestants On ‘The Bachelor’ | Betches

After a long wait, this week ABC finally released the all the tea that Chris Harrison spilled in the awkward Facebook Live announcement, and now we’re breaking down all 30 of the women vying for Pilot Pete’s heart. Seriously, why does it have to be 30 women? It’s just too much, but we do it […]

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Surprise, Tana Mongeau Is Unhappy In Her Marriage | Betches

After all we’ve been through together, 2019 wouldn’t truly be complete without one more Bella Thorne’s girlfriend, and then things got confusing when she started abrupt engagement and fake marriage to fellow YouTube star Jake Paul. Over the summer, we watched in horror as they shoved their alleged love in our faces all over the […]

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The Worst Kardashian Photoshop Fails Of 2019 | Betches

As we say goodbye to 2019, we also say goodbye to another year of the 5. Khloé’s Good American Ad View this post on Instagram 4. Kylie The Flamingo View this post on Instagram her thigh was the length of the rest of her entire body. Like, imagine how this would look if she stood […]

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The Biggest Takeaways From ‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Reveal | Betches

It’s been a long few months, but the driver’s license photos of the women and that weird Alayah The first contestant in the video is Alayah, who just happens to be this year’s Miss Texas. These producers really just can’t resist, can they? Chris says that Alayah is the center of some major drama this season, […]

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An Influencer Is Going To Prison After Attacking Someone Over A Website Name | Betches

At this point, it’s really difficult to be shocked by anything an influencer does, but this story just might do it. This year, we’ve seen influencers post their lifestyles, and 14-year prison sentence that was recently give to Rossi Lorathio Adams. We’re used to these people doing shady sh*t, but what he did is on […]

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