Remains of climbing legend Alex Lowe found on Tibetan mountain

The American known as Lungs With Legs was climbing the 8,013m Shishapangma in 1999 when he was hit by an avalanche The bodies of a renowned mountaineer and expedition cameraman

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Is vegetarianism about not harming animals, or feeling morally superior? | Leslie Cannold for the Ethics Centre

An ethically carnivorous life is possible so long as we ensure the animals we consume have lived and died without unnecessary suffering The western obsession with rights makes it difficult to see their limitations. We speak about rights as if they were the only moral value with meaning, ignoring other important moral values like responsibilities […]

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Freediving world record set by William Trubridge with 122m dive

New Zealander beats own record with four minute and 24 second plunge in blue hole in Bahamas A freediver has set a new world record – plunging 122m into a blue hole in the Bahamas on one breath. New Zealander William Trubridge set his 16th world mark, beating his own record of 121 metres. The […]

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Hoverboard world record broken with 2km flight

Franky Zapata used the jet-powered device to fly above the waters of the Mediterranean for more than two kilometres A Frenchman has flown more than 2 kilometers (over a mile) on a jet-powered hoverboard, setting an apparent new world record. The Guinness World Records Zapata Racing. According to the company, the Flyboard Air can fly […]

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White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Obama’s 10 best lines

Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama appeared at his final White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday night, taking aim at everything from the media to the Republican Party to Donald Trump. Not even the Democrats vying to succeed him, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, were spared. Here’s a look at his most memorable lines:

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Does violent protest help or hurt Trump?

(CNN)The crowds of protesters that have dogged Donald Trump’s campaign rallies for months appear to be growing in size and intensity, and recently turned violent in California. While the disruptions might at first appear to be counterproductive, the reality is that even loud, obnoxious demonstrators can cause a serious problem for Trump and harm his […]

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Trump up by 15 points in Indiana Poll

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Millions of Chinese workers go unpaid amid economic slowdown

Hong Kong (CNN)China’s millions of migrant workers are bearing the brunt of the country’s ongoing economic slowdown as strikes and worker protests reach record levels, new statistics reveal. According to the most recent annual report from China’s National Bureau of Statistics, more than 2.7 million migrant workers around 1% of the total weren’t paid on […]

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New Hampshire Republicans try to limit Trump’s convention influence

The states party establishment is trying to pack convention committees with anti-Trump officials despite the moguls clear win in the February primary New Hampshires Republican establishment is trying to limit the influence of Donald Trump supporters at the partys crucial national convention in July despite the presidential frontrunner having won the states primary overwhelmingly. In […]

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Six killed in Texas floods as severe weather lashes central US

Woman and her four grandchildren, aged between six and nine, die after being swept away by flood waters A woman and four of her grandchildren were among six people killed by floods in Texas caused by storms that unleashed tornadoes, damaging hail and torrential rains on several central US states. The family of flood victims […]

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