March 2020


The economy v our lives? It’s a false choice and a deeply stupid one

Calls to reopen America have disturbing intellectual roots. And the millions of deaths that could ensue would fuel a depression beyond our imagination Ancient Moloch, a Canaanite god to whom children were sacrificed for the greater good. Now, millennia later, there are prominent voices among us who propose sacrificing the old and weak among us […]

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Twitter Pointed Out A Big Problem With Super Tuesday’s “Rigged” Primary

Edward A. Ornelas/Getty Images News/Getty Images These Tweets About Super Tuesday 2020’s “Rigged Primary” Actually Point Out A Big Problem By Madhuri Sathish March 4, 2020 On March 3 — Super Tuesday 2020 — the remaining Democratic presidential candidates competed for more than 1,300 delegates as voters in 14 states and American Samoa headed to […]

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Chris Cillizza’s winners and losers from Super Tuesday

(CNN)The biggest day of the 2020 Democratic presidential race — with more than a 1,300 delegates at stake in 14 states and American Samoa — is behind us. WINNERS

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Girlfriend Wears Necklace With Hidden Engagement Ring Every Day for a Year

ShareTweetPin It’s a pretty regular thing to scroll through Facebook and see one of two things: baby announcements and extravagant proposals. Proposing is no small task, especially when it comes to performing the most unexpected surprise of your girl’s life. An Australian woman learned that she had been wearing her engagement ring for over a […]

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Is America Losing Its Religion?

Is America Losing Its Religion? Has America known its finest hour? Are we losing our religion and sanity as well? What is wrong with our society anyway? These are baffling questions that are frequently being asked by more and more people, even the media. >From environmental pollution to spiritual pollution, from artificial food to artificial […]

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Advice To Using Positive Reinforcement And Rewards To Train Your Dog

Advice To Using Positive Reinforcement And Rewards To Train Your Dog Training dogs using positive reinforcement and reward training has long been recognized as both highly effective for the owner and a positive experience for the dog. Positive reinforcement training is so important that it is the only method used to train dangerous animals like […]

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“He Stopped Me Because Hes Lonely”: Woman Says Panic Is Destroying the Basic Principles of Humanity

ShareTweetPin “So, I recently made a statement on my personal page that I’m leaving Facebook and frankly, it was because I’m tired of the doom and gloom, and people being nasty to each other. In saying that, helpful tips, posts about what’s working and what isn’t, is not the issue. It’s the way we’re all […]

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A Full Pantry of Control and a Side of Jesus

ShareTweetPin We did the thing. We did the shopping. And the buying. And the planning. And then we realized we had forgotten perhaps the most important step. To remember. In our haste with our heightened awareness of my immune suppression, with my pregnancy further adding to my suppression, with the knowledge that I am in […]

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Rosalind P. Walter, who inspired the ‘Rosie the Riveter’ song, has died at 95

(CNN)Rosalind P. Walter, the woman behind the song “Rosie the Riveter,” has passed away at the age of 95.

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Trump says he’s considering short-term quarantine of parts of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

(CNN)President Donald Trump said Saturday that he’s considering a short-term quarantine of “hot spots” in parts of the tri-state area — New York, New Jersey and Connecticut — where cases of coronavirus continue to rise. LISTEN: The Coronavirus: Fact vs. Fiction Podcast New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that he spoke with Trump on Saturday morning, […]

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