February 2020


“I Want to Eat What I Ate With My Old Family. I Like to Remember How Strong I Had to Be”: Adopted 9-Year-Old Makes Mom Realize Trauma Infuses Itself into Every Pore

ShareTweetPin “This is a MUST read. My cousin is a foster parent with five children. She and her husband recently adopted four out of the five siblings! It has been a joy to watch her in this journey – just like it was a joy watching her grow up. I love how she “keeps it […]

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Twitter Is Coming For A Girl Named Lizzie After She Allegedly Stole Her Classmate’s Perfect Attendance Pencil! – Perez Hilton

Twitter is ready to cancel an elementary school girl named Lizzie after she allegedly stole a pink Perfect Attendance Pencil from her classmate, Taylor James, and didn’t give it back after recess like she promised. The social media outrage began when Taylor’s mom Tabitha shared a video of her daughter explaining the drama that went […]

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These 5 Starbucks Secret Menu V-Day Sips Are So ‘Gram-Worthy

Instagram/cczpll 5 Starbucks Secret Menu Valentine’s Day 2020 Drinks That Are Perfectly Sweet By Lara Walsh Jan 26, 2020 Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and these Starbucks secret menu drinks for Valentine’s Day 2020 will get you ready for the holiday. They’re not on the official menu, but you can let your barista […]

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Netflixs Love Is Blind Is a Delightfully Weird, Chaotic Cousin to The Bachelor

Within the first hour of Netflixs new reality dating show, Love Is Blind, a man and a woman who basically just met sit down to discuss how getting married, as essentially total strangers, might impact their futures. Seated on couches in separate rooms, they face one another but cannot see each other; a glowing, blue […]

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9 Easy And Effortless Eye Makeup Looks To Give You Some Edge

Alison Hinman Updated February 20, 2020 @kpdaprincess Alison Hinman Updated February 20, 2020 @kpdaprincess One of the most common ways to express ourselves is through our appearance. Our clothes, our hair, and our accessories all tell a story about who we are. The icing on the cake of character is our makeup. We can accentuate […]

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Former leader Lord Steel quits Liberal Democrats

Lord Steel had told the inquiry that he was made aware of the allegations against Smith 10 years later and “assumed” they were true, but said they were “nothing to do with me” because they predated Smith’s time in parliament. ‘Blind eye’ turned to Westminster abuse claims Leader ‘assumed’ Cyril Smith was an abuser The […]

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Children abused in the home ‘unseen and unheard’

One in five adults experienced abuse as children Most child sex abuse is carried out by family and friends Despite some pockets of good practice, they found local and national strategies to tackle the problem virtually non-existent. In the worst cases, criminal investigations would ignore the needs of the child, with children left without medical […]

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Fossils shed new light on car-sized turtle that once roamed South America

Stupendemys geographicus, armed with sturdy horns, lived from about 13m to 7m years ago alongside giant crocodilians Scientists have unearthed new Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/feb/12/giant-turtle-fossil-south-america-stupendemys-geographicus

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50 Ways To Win Over A Girl Whose Love Language Is Words Of Affirmation

Holly Riordan Updated February 11, 2020 Jonathan Borba Holly Riordan Updated February 11, 2020 Jonathan Borba 1. Congratulate her whenever she accomplishes something, no matter how small. 2. Encourage her when she is feeling self-conscious and doubting herself. 3. Support her in everything she tries to accomplish by cheering her on from the sidelines. 4. […]

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UK immigration plans prompt fresh calls for ‘Scottish visa’

Nicola Sturgeon calls for immigration powers to be devolved as industry bodies condemn proposals There has been widespread condemnation in Scotland of the described the plans as devastating for Scotlands economy and called for powers over immigration to be devolved to the Holyrood parliament, as she Scottish visa to deal with the countrys falling birth […]

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