February 2020


ACE Family’s Austin McBroom & Catherine Paiz Are Expecting Their Third Child! – Perez Hilton

YouTube‘s The momma-of-two made the pregnancy reveal with a photo of her growing baby belly, which she captioned: “I wanted to keep you to myself for as long as I could and now after all these months of privately enjoying some time with our family, I am filled with so much joy to share you […]

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Walmart Deletes Insensitive Paul Walker Tweet Amid Social Media Outrage – Perez Hilton

It’s never a good time to make a joke about a dead celebrity. The Workaholics fan currently running Walmart’s Twitter account learned that the hard way when a seemingly innocuous reply sparked fierce Twiticism. According to TMZ, the controversy began when a user on the social site shared a story about Walmart selling Pillsbury Cinnamon […]

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Does Aaron Carter Have TWO Secret Daughters With Another Kid On The Way!? – Perez Hilton

Aaron Carter has been through a lot lately. He’s thrown out We should note: the claims are very messy and scattered across social media, and Aaron already Jaquelyn spilled all the tea in a string of tweets this week, claiming that while she doesn’t know much about the alleged older daughter, whom she says was […]

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The Betches’ Bachelorette Guide to Philadelphia | Betches

Planning sucks, and bachelorette parties are a ton of work. So we’re taking all the guesswork out of planning a bachelorette party by breaking down top bachelorette destinations. Our guides will tell you where to stay, eat, party, how to get around, and give you a sample itinerary that you can follow. You’re welcome. Philly […]

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Celebrate Your Silent Milestones

Holly Riordan Updated January 7, 2020 Lee Luis Holly Riordan Updated January 7, 2020 Lee Luis The milestones that are easy to track — like whether you’ve gotten a raise in pay or have lost weight or are wearing a ring on your finger — aren’t the only milestones worth celebrating. You should also celebrate […]

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White House Decides Less Is More When It Comes to Working Republicans on Impeachment

Donald Trumps presidency may be resting on the whims of the 100 members of the U.S. Senate, but the White House isnt sweating it. Despite a whirlwind few days, in which it was revealed that President Trumps former National Security Adviser John Bolton had copped to there being a quid pro quo to dig up […]

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Build Health (4)

Build Health To prevent diabetes you will get a real jolt when you follow the prescription offered up in the “Journal of the American Medical Association.” This ‘prestigious’ organization reported on separate studies of coffee drinkers in Sweden and Finland. Whiz-bang medical researchers discovered that women could decrease their risk of diabetes by 29 percent […]

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“Praying for the Brokenhearted”: Christian Leaders Speak Out After Kobe Bryants Death

ShareTweetPin Yesterday the world lost an iconic basketball player. Kobe Bryant, the retired LA Lakers star, was 41 years old and traveling with his daughter (13) and 7 others in a helicopter on Sunday morning when it crashed, killing everyone on board. During his 20 year career with the Lakers, he won 5 NBA Championships […]

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Woman Says She Was Sexually Assaulted On Spirit Airlines Flight By A Man Who Was ‘Pleasuring Himself’! – Perez Hilton

Tia Jackson (above), a student at Eastern Michigan University and mother to a 10-month-old baby boy, opened up to People about the harrowing ordeal that took place early Tuesday morning when she was on a 7 a.m. flight to Detroit from Atlanta, Georgia. “I could feel him being real jittery. He kept moving. I thought […]

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Samantha Bee Goes Off on CNN: Stop Making Mom and Dad Fight!

Samantha Bee opened her first Full Frontal of 2020 Wednesday night by running through the highlights of the previous nights Democratic debate in Iowa, from a between Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. But dont worry, the talking heads are being super civilized about it and not milking it at all, she added, cutting to […]

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