February 2020

Tanzanite History And Information, What You Need To Know!

Tanzanite History And Information, What You Need To Know! If you ask any colored gemstone connoisseur, they will tell you that tanzanite is becoming the most desired gem in the United States. We also see this trend manifesting itself in Europe. American and European designers, collectors and tanzanite jewelry manufacturers are keenly aware that with […]

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If Youre Thinking About Taking a Family Vacation But Arent 100% Sure, TAKE. THE. TRIP

ShareTweetPin Amidst a winter marked by blistering snowstorms and subzero temps, the thought of a summer vacation is probably sounding pretty good right now. …But then again, doesn’t it always? The moment you start fantasizing about the endless fun destinations that you and the kiddos could end up this year, reality starts to set in. […]

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If My Death Was Days Away, Here Are The 9 Lessons Id Leave Behind

Tim Denning Updated February 5, 2020 @dashapats Tim Denning Updated February 5, 2020 @dashapats The way you write during your last few days as a human being with a heartbeat are radically different. I’m not there yet, but I have read some interesting blog posts from people who have been. They are the final lessons. […]

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Lady GaGa Is ‘Not Serious’ In Her New Relationship – But She’s Having Fun & ‘Likes The Attention’ – Perez Hilton

Tough to have a Bad Romance when you keep it light and fun, right?! Lady GaGa is According to an insider who spoke to Us Weekly about the pop princess’ new love, things aren’t moving super-quickly or anything right now. In fact, it’s purposefully been quite the opposite! The source dished more, saying (below): “They are not […]

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Joe Giudice Reveals The Exact Moment He Knew His Marriage To Teresa Giudice Was Over… – Perez Hilton

It turns out Joe Giudice knew exactly when his 20-year marriage to Teresa Giudice was over! And to hear the former reality TV star and now current resident of Italy tell it, things all came to a head in exactly one moment, which crystallized in Joe the realization that things with the Real Housewives of New Jersey star […]

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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap: Are You 34 Or 16? | Betches

Vanderpump Rules, Anyway, you all know what time it is: Pride time! In past years, SUR Pride has brought us Scheana’s ear-splitting excuse for singing, James’s body-shaming, and lots of back-alley conversations. Can’t wait to see what this year will bring! While that will go largely unresolved unless Schwartz somehow reads these recaps and decides […]

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“Its a Murder Bill”: Colorado Democrats Vote Down Bill Mandating Medical Care for Babies That Survive Abortions

ShareTweetPin Colorado Democrats have voted against a bill that would require medical care to be provided to survivors of failed abortions. According to Colorado.gov, House Bill 1068 establishes a “physician-patient relationship” between a baby born alive and the doctor who attempted to perform the abortion. House Bill 1068 would mandate that doctors “exercise the same […]

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Caroline Flack’s Boyfriend Lewis Burton Breaks Social Media Silence On Her Death: ‘My Heart Is Broken’ – Perez Hilton

The entertainment world is still reeling from Caroline Flack‘s death this week, and now, her boyfriend Lewis Burton has taken to social media for the first time to speak out publicly about it. Flack, as we reported yesterday, had been Well now, Burton has revealed his own words of sadness and tragedy on his Instagram page, sharing […]

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The Secret to Staying Centered and Happy in a Troubled World

The Secret to Staying Centered and Happy in a Troubled World Many of us are probably so used to crisis in the world that it has become a natural part of our mental scenery. We’ve grown accustomed to living in a world where acts of bitter conflict, unrest, and inhumanity are everyday things, and their […]

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All The Evidence That Pilot Pete Ends Up With A ‘Bachelor’ Producer | Betches

If you’ve been paying even an ounce of attention to this season of The Bachelor, you’ll know that Peter has narrowed it down to the final three contestants, and things are looking BLEAK. We have Victoria F, who has a rap sheet longer than my longest relationship and can’t have an adult conversation without gaslighting Peter, Madison, […]

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