January 2020


2019’s Most Admired Man Will Make You Say, “What A Time To Be Alive”

The Washington Post/The Washington Post/Getty Images Trump & Obama Tied For “Most Admired Man” Of 2019, & That’s A Wrap On This Decade By Madhuri Sathish Dec 31, 2019 Every year for more than seven decades, the analytics company Gallup has asked Americans to name the man and woman they admire most in the world. […]

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Chinese Authorities Confirm First Human-To-Human Transmission Of New Coronavirus

The Chinese government has confirmed that the mysterious new virus strain that has infected over 200 people in the Asian country, plus Japan, Thailand, and South Korea, can be transmitted human to human. This means the virus can spread even faster, making it far more dangerous. The respiratory virus, thought to be a novel Coronavirus […]

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How To Cash In On The Upcoming Gold Boom (And Make 400% ROI Using This Unknown Tactic)!

How To Cash In On The Upcoming Gold Boom (And Make 400% ROI Using This Unknown Tactic)! Gold has been a star performer in the portfolios of some of the wealthiest dynasties in the history of the world. Just a few of the prolific people who have used gold to build their incredible wealth include […]

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Hilarious Twitter Thread Shares The Questions That #ScienceHasFailedToAnswer

Science has done some pretty awesome things. In 2019 alone, scientists captured an image of a supermassive black hole, sent probes to distant planets in our Solar System, detailed the bones of a mysterious species of human ancestor, and found a cure for a severe genetic disease. However, for all its worth, science has also […]

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Will Islam Rule?

Will Islam Rule? Khaled Mash’al, leader of the Hamas movement which won the Palestinian elections in January 2006 gave a speech in Damascus which was broadcast on al-Jazeera TV on February 3rd 2006. He told the European nations to apologise to Islam because: ‘Tomorrow, our nation will sit on the throne of the world. This […]

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Luggage startup Away’s embattled CEO is staying in her position

New York (CNN Business)Steph Korey, the cofounder and CEO of luggage company Away, is remaining in her position after all. Haselden was originally slated to become Away’s CEO at a later date. The company eventually could go public, and his experience could help guide Away through that sometimes messy process. Instead, Korey told employees Monday […]

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How to stream ‘Power’ season 6, episode 14

It’s finally happening, folks. Last week’s episode of Power season 6 showed us Ghost’s last day on Earth from Tommy’s point of view. Now, it’s time for the penultimate installment of this thrilling show: episode 14, “Reversal of Fortune.” In an interesting twist, “It’s All Your Fault” revealed that Tommy did in fact see who […]

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Canada Goose is launching a new parka line created by Inuit designers

The Inuit people have been living in the frozen tundra of northern Canada for thousands of years, so they clearly are the experts on creating warm outdoor wear. Canada Goose, a company that makes highly-rated outerwear, knows something about marketing warm jackets to people in cold climates. What if you combined the best of both […]

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Alleged kidnapping attempt on NYC subway caught on video

A video appearing to show an attempted kidnapping on a New York City subway is drawing attention after being posted to YouTube earlier today. The two-minute clip shows a man in a red jacket trying to talk to a girl sitting next to a sleeping guy, who appears to be riding with her. The man […]

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A 5-foot-tall artist makes adorable cartoons on the perks of being short

Brisa is the the illustrator of Three Under the Rain, a comic series on Instagram about her relationship with her fiance Joan and Marley, her five-year-old Labrador. She never really considered herself an artist, but all that’s changed since September 2017 when she first posted a few comics on Instagram. The first batch were called […]

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