December 2019


May We All Raise Dollar Tree Children

ShareTweetPin May we all raise Dollar Tree children. I think that statement alone is gonna garner a plethora of reactions, which will probably run the gamut of “Heck yes!” to “Uh, heck no.” Still, I’m gonna lead with it ’cause it’s a bit brazen, just like spending a dollar on something when you could spend […]

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No, Christmas Isnt Just About the Birth of Jesus

ShareTweetPin When we’re asked what the meaning of Christmas is, it’s a pretty cliché standard for Christians to respond that it’s about the birth of Christ. Well, of course, IT IS about that. But we can’t just stop there. There’s SO much more woven into the Christmas story than a baby lying in a manger. “We all know […]

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Who Else Needs A Gimmick-Free Approach To Financial Freedom And Success?

Who Else Needs A Gimmick-Free Approach To Financial Freedom And Success? We all have some common problems which are very serious. By this article I would like to raise the awareness and then propose a solution which will be beneficial to anyone who’s interested. Please allow me first to create the context for this: It […]

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The 10 best gift cards this holiday shopping season

Gift cards are a wonderful invention, and online gift cards might be even better. Delivered directly to a recipients inbox, or even to their smartphone, theyre a great option if youve left your holiday shopping to the last minute. (And if youre reading this, chances are you have.) Online gift cards are also perfect for […]

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Best Trump GIFs, The 8 Most Popular Ones Online

Given the period in which he rose to political power, and the way he did, it would be harder to explain if President Donald Trump wasnt the most meme-able man on the planet. As such, the internet is laden with GIFs from his journey to the nomination. As his term has entered its fourth year, […]

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Hes Not Your Forever Person If He Does These 6 Things When You Arent Around

By Joel Overbeck By Joel Overbeck Your forever person should treat you right every second of every day. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting beside them or whether you’re miles away. They should stay loyal. Stay respectful. Stay true. 1. Harasses you over text. Your person should trust you. They shouldn’t be sending you interrogative texts […]

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Anti-Vaxxers Are Asking People To Stop Calling Them Anti-Vaxxers Because It’s “Highly Offensive”

A group of anti-vaxxers is asking the media to stop referring to them as anti-vaxxers (even though that’s literally what they are), and people have been less than enthusiastic in accepting their suggested replacement. This week, the anti-vaxxer group Crazymothers (no, we’re not even remotely kidding) posted the request to their Twitter and Instagram pages.  “Dear […]

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Read This If You Need A Little Push To Block His Number

Holly Riordan Updated December 16, 2019 By ŞULE MAKAROĞLU Block his number because every time you have a conversation with him, you’re left wanting more. And not in a good way. He always disappoints you by sending one-word messages and letting the conversation die prematurely or by going MIA for weeks on end. You’re always […]

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Boeing 737 Max: new ‘troubling communications’ sent to regulators

A senior executive says the company has handed over more messages from test pilot who complained about anti-stall system The embattled US aircraft maker step aside. According to a senior Boeing executive, the documents include new messages from Mark Forkner, a senior company test pilot who complained of egregious erratic behavior in flight simulator tests […]

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Why Hard Workers Have So Much Trouble Relaxing

Holly Riordan Updated December 21, 2019 By Mahir Uysal You find it so hard to relax because you’ve convinced yourself work matters more than your mental health. Your success is external and your peace of mind is internal, so it’s easier to judge whether you’ve been doing a good job at work than it is […]

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