December 2019


Viral Article Shows How Poor Choice Of Words Can Hurt Women Way More Than It Looks On The Surface

Nadirah Angail, a mental health professional who works with pregnant and new moms, has had with people who don’t realize how personal and private the decision and ability to give birth is. Somewhere there is a woman: 30, no children Image credits: People ask her, “Still no kids?” Her response varies from day to day, but it […]

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Thanksgiving weekend storms are to blame for a plane sliding off a runway and a 25-car pile-up

(CNN)Millions of travelers are stressing out as powerful storms rolling over the East Coast interrupt or delay their return home from the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Airlines have delayed flights across the country on what is expected to be the busiest travel day in the US. American, Delta and other airlines issued travel waivers for those […]

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Why the Washington Post’s Afghanistan investigation is such a big deal

New York (CNN Business)The Washington Post’s publication of US government papers about the 18-year-long Afghan war is being compared to the Vietnam-era Pentagon Papers. And the man responsible for leaking the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg, agrees with the analogy. “A couple thousand pages? I’ll read them all, even though it means reliving the terrible experience […]

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Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Won An Important Court Battle | Betches

Back in April (feels like yesterday) news emerged that Britney Spears may have been held against her will in a mental facility, sparking what became the sounded like a technicality, and even if he couldn’t technically do those things, he could still exert enough control over her life to essentially control those things. Well, now we may […]

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Did Amanda Bynes Flee Her Sober Living Facility? | Betches

If anyone has had a roller coaster of a decade, it’s checked in to a rehab program after an alleged mental breakdown. In late 2018, she had announced her relaunch of her career in a graduated from FIDM with her Associate Degree in June, she received a day pass to leave treatment. Shortly after receiving […]

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UPDATED: Army and Navy Students Did Not Have Racist Intent Using Hand Symbol At Football Game, Investigation Finds | Betches

UPDATE, DECEMBER 24: Investigations into whether West Point and the U.S. Naval Academy concluded that the Army Cadets and Navy Midshipmen suspected of flashing a white power symbol at cameras during a Navy-Army football game attended by President Trump has found the students did not have racist intent using the gestures. “We investigated this matter […]

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Timmy Thick blasted for saying the N-word in comeback video

Timmy Thick took a social media hiatus in 2018. Now he seems to be back and is stirring up controversy by saying the N-word. On Saturday night, Timmy Thick posted a comeback video to Instagram. In the video, the internet personality can be seen twerking and then proceeding to answer commonly asked fan questions. I […]

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YouTubes 2019 Rewind video is much different than last years debacle

People YouTubes 2018 Rewind video. Its the most disliked video in the platforms history with 17 million thumbs down, and the fact it didnt include a star like PewDiePie or the YouTube boxing extravaganza while including way too many celebrities upset many viewers. In YouTubes 2019 Rewind video, released on Thursday, the platform goes out […]

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“When You Marry a Nurse, You Marry Their Job. She Gives 100% Day in and Day Out”: Husband Pens Sweet Tribute to His Wife

ShareTweetPin Nurse life. When you marry a nurse, you marry their job. There are a lot of missed opportunities. Missed events with the kids, missed meals with the family. Deep down you have to accept it. You realize that THIS is their calling. THIS is their passion. As my nurse sleeps, I quietly clean the […]

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Male Awards Voters Are Reportedly Skipping “Little Women” | Betches

When referring to the new film adaptation. Lady Bird Frances HaIt’s unfortunately not shocking that men aren’t flocking to this “coming-of-age period drama” because unfortunately John Wick is in zero scenes. Additionally, the title is a combination of two of their least favorite words: (unlike their penis, they swear) and And no, this isn’t an […]

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