April 2019


Mother says the cop who threatened her 13-year-old daughter in viral video shouldn’t be fired

has been put under disciplinary action by the department. Now, a mother of one of the students is advocating for the officer not to lose his job. Cameron Hilliardwhich took place last Friday outside of Albert Hill Middle School. As a copcar drives by,While it’s generally unacceptable for a police officer to display such attitudes […]

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Australia Kangaroos

Australia Kangaroos Australia is home to the world famous kangaroo. Nowhere in the world can you find as many as those roaming around in the Australian outback. Kangaroo is almost synonymous to Australia because when you talk about kangaroo, Australia would readily come in mind. Although countries like New Zealand, New Guinea and the pacific […]

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Concerned Citizen – How Did Trump Get Elected…

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Don’t You Hate It When People

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“The Attenborough Effect”: 53 Percent Of People Report Using Less Plastic After Blue Planet II

David Attenborough and the Blue Planet documentary series has spearheaded an environmental revolution, or at the very least made us rethink our dependency on plastic. That is one takeaway from a report conducted by Global Web Index, a market research company based in the UK. According to the report, interest in “plastic recycling” jumped after Blue Planet II (October 2017), with […]

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Barnard public safety officers pin Black Columbia student

Barnard College The student has been as Alexander McNab, a student at Columbia University, by the Columbia Spectator, the universitys newspaper. The two institutions, though separate entities, have a partnership through which students from both institutions can access and use the others’ facilities. a facility on Barnard’s campus, which is across the street from Columbia’s […]

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Breakthrough Device Allows Cooling Without Energy Consumption

From air conditioning to fridges and freezers, cooling is a crucial part of the modern world. It is also a part that requires a lot of electricity, but this might not be the case in the future. Researchers have now shown that it is possible to build devices that produce cooling without consuming energy. The […]

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Hello There New Dad

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25 Attempts That Crumbled Under the Reality of Failure

We’re all desperately trying to succeed, look smart, and appear cool doing it. This doesn’t happen as often as we like. Whether it’s getting in over your head or just trying to be the expert on something you’re unfamiliar with, failure will find a way. Here are some more times failure had its way. 1 […]

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10 Times People Had No Idea They Talked To Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk’s Twitter feed is a steady stream of him sharing hilarious moments with strangers, when they had no idea they were talking to the legend himself, Tony Hawk! He seems to take it with an admirable sense of humor, and it makes us love him even more.  1 3 5 7 9 11

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