October 2018


Australia is the nicest racist country you will ever see

(CNN)Melbourne, Australia has two major newspapers; the Herald-Sun is the Rupert Murdoch one. It is full of sports (Australian rules football), photos of cute kids, shocking crime stories, celebrity gossip, and, if an election is in the offing, relentless right-wing political polemics. Australia is the nicest racist country you will ever see. It is racist […]

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An Overview Of Mesothelioma Cancers

An Overview Of Mesothelioma Cancers What are Mesothelioma Cancers? Mesothelioma cancers are the cancers that spread in the mesothelium tissues. Mesothelium in general is the name of tissue that forms lining of different body organs such as heart, lungs, abdomen and reproductive organs. The lining around abdominal organs is known as peritoneal membrane. Lining around […]

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My Dad Is In Peru Having A Melt Down Over…

Read more: http://www.ifunny.com//pictures/my-dad-peru-having-melt-down-over/

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Friends and fellow writers pay tribute at Roth memorial

Trending in U.S. Marine veteran, 80, will get Medal of Honor for Vietnam valor Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/09/25/friends-and-fellow-writers-pay-tribute-at-roth-memorial.html

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Woman Makes up Fake Son to Get Back at Annoying Coworker

Oh hell yeah, nothing like the long con. This is some Jim Halpert level office pranking, right here. 1 Pin It Via sdrahcir 2 Pin It Via sdrahcir 3 Pin It Via sdrahcir 4 Pin It Via sdrahcir 5 Pin It Via sdrahcir 6 Pin It Via sdrahcir 7 Pin It Via sdrahcir 8 Pin […]

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DHS Orders FEMA Boss Brock Long To Pay For Unauthorized Use Of Government Cars

Homeland Security Secretary uncovered in an investigation. But he won’t lose his job — at least for now. statement from Nielsen on Friday after she reviewed the findings. She did not detail the specifics of Long’s “non-official” use of government vehicles. The watchdog’s report had not been made public as of Friday night. FEMA has been responding […]

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Media exaggeration?

Read more: https://imgflip.com/i/2j16wo

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Avalanche Gear

Avalanche Gear Avalanche Gear that is used by many rescue teams is often complex and also needed every time they are attempting to locate and rescue those caught up in the wrath of an avalanche. In earlier days and sometimes yet today, those who were going to ski or explore “high risk” areas where avalanches […]

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17 Personas que decidieron realizarse una increble transformacin de sexo

1 Pin It Vía facebook 2 Pin It Vía facebook 3 Pin It Vía facebook 4 Pin It Vía facebook 5 Pin It Vía facebook 6 Pin It Vía facebook 7 Pin It Vía facebook 8 Pin It Vía facebook 9 Pin It Vía facebook 10 Pin It Vía facebook 11 Pin It Vía facebook […]

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20+ Artists Challenge Themselves To Redraw Their Old Crappy Drawings, Prove That Practice Makes Perfect

Its rules are really simple. Artists upload side-by-side images of their earlier and current works, showcasing how much they’ve progressed. And some of the participants are even redoing their old doodles, which makes the effect of the comparison so much stronger. From realistic portraits to surreal character design, scroll down to check out the improvements […]

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