February 2018


20 Winning Photos Of 2018 Birth Photography Contest Prove That Moms Are Badass

Birth is an incredibly beautiful part of life that needs to be talked about and celebrated more. Birth photography competition here and Birth Becomes Her (h/t design you trust) reply reply

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Sarah Silverman got slammed for supporting a Palestinian teen and she stayed strong.

Photos by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Turner, Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images. Sarah Silverman has never exactly shied away from the outrageous, whether in her comedy or on Twitter. But when she stood up for a teen activist last week, the backlash was intense, even for her. On Feb. 15, Silverman tweeted out a link to an […]

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28 Very British Problems You Might Be Passive Aggressive Enough to Relate To

The British are known as a very buttoned up and reserved people, but @SoVeryBritish reveals the true animosity behind the word “pardon.” 1 Pin It Via Twitter 2 Pin It Via Twitter 3 Pin It Via Twitter 4 Pin It Via Twitter 5 Pin It Via Twitter 6 Pin It Via Twitter 7 Pin It […]

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‘I felt ill.’ Brendan Fraser describes sexual assault that nearly made him quit acting.

Remember Brendan Fraser? 10 years ago, he was one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Then, he suddenly disappeared. If you were a kid in the late ’90s and early ’00s, chances are you saw a Brendan Fraser movie. The comedy and action star catapulted to fame behind blockbusters like “The Mummy” franchise, “George of the Jungle,” […]

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Teachers Slam Trumps Call For More Guns In Schools: Are You F**king Insane?

“We need solutions that will keep guns out of the hands of those who want to use them to massacre innocent children and educators,” Lily Eskelsen García, president of the National Education Association, told Education Week. “Arming teachers does nothing to prevent that.” Download Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-vs-teachers-guns-in-school_us_5a8e524de4b0617d4639e07c

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Genius Company Installs Beehives In Your Living Room, And Heres How It Works

As you probably know already, the bee population is in a consistent decline and has been for some time, with modern industrial farming methods and loss of habitat being identified causes. This is bad news for all of us, as bees do the crucial job of pollinating so many of the plants that we rely on […]

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Donald Trump is OK with arming teachers. These teachers know there’s a better way.

As survivors of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School push to prevent gun violence, elected officials are supporting an entirely different tactic: arming teachers. President Donald Trump suggested in a tweet on Feb. 22 that teachers with military training or experience with firearms be allowed to carry concealed weapons in the classroom. By […]

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Guy Starts Twitter Feud Over The Rock’s Impossible Jump In His New Skyscraper Movie

Everyone here fails to recognize that gravity itself is afraid of The Rock. But can we also talk about the legendary height of that damn crane?  1 Pin It Via Jokes650 2 Pin It Via Jokes650 3 Pin It Via Jokes650 4 Pin It Via Jokes650 5 Pin It Via Jokes650 6 Pin It Via […]

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This Is Why You Should Wait For Your Tea To Cool Slightly Before Taking A Slurp

How you take your tea is an oft-divisive, deal-breaking topic. Do you like a classic builder’s with enough sugar to stand a spoon up in or a mug of warm milk that has just been kissed by a tea bag. Milk or tea first? Tea bag or loose leaf? There’s even a correct way to […]

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Democrat Linda Belcher Takes Deep-Red Kentucky Seat, the 37th Flip Since Trumps Inauguration

Democrat Linda Belcher triumphed in a special election on Tuesday night in a deep-red Kentucky district where President Trump previously won by a whopping 50-point margin. Belcher defeated Republican Rebecca Johnson 68 percent to 32 percent PDF). The seat, committed suicide just two days after being accused of post in which she advocated for a […]

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