February 2018


How To Get Over The Guy Who You Never Really Had

Brandon Stanciell I think getting over a guy you never actually had is harder than getting over a breakup. At least with someone you were in a relationship with, you were there. You lived it, you experienced the breakdown of the relationship, the disconnection, the fights, the pain, and whatever else went into you both […]

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Trump’s solution to school shootings: arm teachers with guns

It is the gun, its the person behind the gun and its about helping people before they ever reach that point, said a mother whose son died at Sandy Hook elementary Donald Trump has said he will consider a proposal to arm school teachers in an attempt to prevent mass shootings, a move certain to […]

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Social Engineering – The Real E-Terrorism?

´╗┐Social Engineering – The Real E-Terrorism? One evening, during the graveyard shift, an AOL technical support operator took a call from a hacker. During the hour long conversation the hacker mentioned he had a car for sale. The technical support operator expressed an interest so the hacker sent him an e-mail with a photo of […]

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How Mediocrity Can Quietly Destroy Us All

How much money would it take to convince you to become evil? A thousand dollars? Two thousand? Surprise! It’s a trick question. In reality, nobody is going to even make you the offer. The evil in the world doesn’t need you to join its side at all — it needs only for you to succumb […]

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K9 Police Dog Makes the Best Entrances Ever

Meet Jester, a beautiful Belgian Malinois working in the K9 unit of the El Cajon Police Department in California. Jester, along with his partner J. Walker help keep the residents of El Cajon safe. Did I mention he makes the bestest entrances ever? On Instagram, Jester has amassed a huge following of over 145,000 followers […]

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7 Grisly Valentines Day Murders That Will Make You Happy You Dont Have A Date

1. Surgeon bought orchids for his wife, but crushes her head instead. Youtube / Aphrodite Jones Firstly, there was this note that his wife wrote him in his Valentine’s Day card: I bought my cards two weeks ago, so I guess maybe they don’t seem as appropriate now. But I do love you. Have a […]

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What It’s Like When Your Town Is Attacked By A ‘Killdozer’

On June 4, 2004 one man in a home-built tank exploded through the wall of his small-town muffler shop and went on a rampage. This “tank” was a monstrosity built from metal, concrete, and one gigantic bulldozer. In the days and months after, that man became something of a folk hero, as you’d expect, considering […]

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Pokmon Get The 3D Treatment In These Ultra Realistic Illustrations

These illustrations from Joshua Dunlop are super detailed and super impressive. 1 Pin It Via Joshua Dunlop 2 Pin It Via Joshua Dunlop 3 Pin It Via Joshua Dunlop 4 Pin It Via Joshua Dunlop 5 Pin It Via Joshua Dunlop 6 Pin It Via Joshua Dunlop 7 Pin It Via Joshua Dunlop 8 Pin […]

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Why The Fifty Shades Series Hates Sex

The third and presumably last of the Fifty Shades Of Grey movies has arrived, and is in the process of being quickly forgotten. Still, the three films have made over a billion dollars, and the five books have sold an incredible 15 million copies combined. Oh wait, I misread that. It’s 150 million. Universal PicturesLook […]

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Woman Finds Childhood Friend On Streets Addicted To Drugs, Transforms Him So Much We Cant Believe Its Same Man

Patrick had endured major problems with addiction for years, beginning with an expulsion from school for smoking cigarettes and marijuana. This began a downward spiral, with his mother at her wits end trying to help him, eventually taking him to a mental hospital in an attempt to curb his habit. He became well known at […]

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