August 2017


FBI Forms New Counterintelligence Unit to Investigate Leaks

The FBI has formed a new counterintelligence unit to investigate media leaks, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said at a press conference on Friday. He also announced that the Department of Justice is reviewing its policing for subpoenaing reporters in an effort to cut down on White House leaks. The announcement comes a day after The […]

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Ken Starr on Mueller: We Dont Want Investigators Out on a Fishing Expedition

Ken Starrfamous for his role as independent counsel investigating President Clintons Whitewater deal and eventually his Lewinsky affairtold CNN on Friday that we do not want investigators and prosecutors out on a fishing expedition. Starr, who took substantial criticism during the Clinton years for his extensive probe, often seen as overreaching the scope of his […]

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10 Tweets About Jon Snow’s Butt To Get You Through Monday

This post contains spoilers from the season finale. The last  season finale we’ll ever see aired last night, and just about every single scene had people fans losing it. I don’t think I’ve yelled so much at a TV since the Red Wedding, but this time I was screaming with glee because of all the sh*t that went […]

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Drawbacks to Hunting Mammals for Survival

When it comes to our survival, we often think about what we will have to eat for food. Although water is much more important to our survival in the great outdoors, we often allow our minds to wander to edible meat when we think about pangs of hunger. Mammals can provide nourishment for humans stranded […]

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Kathy Griffin Is UNRECOGNIZABLE After Shaving Her Head To Support Her Sister!

Is that you, But she won’t have to worry about keeping a low profile with her new look — she’s totally unrecognizable! Kathy shaved her head to support her sister, Joyce, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy. See more pics and how donate (below): In solidarity with her sister, who is going through chemo, @kathygriffin shaved […]

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VOTE: Would You Rock The New Vagina Manicure Trend??

There’s a new trend in nail art, and it’s making quite the statement! The artists (Asa Bree and Sarah Kane) at Finger Bang salon in Portland are getting a lot of attention with their very vivid manicures decorated with 3D vaginas. And they’re so realistic! We’ve been seeing them pop up more and more on […]

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Starly is Not Amused

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Highway To Yell In North Korea Which I Captured During The Last Trip

Everything is planned when you visit North Korea, even the bathrooms stops! According to the guide, it is too dangerous to stop on the highway to make a pee! Me: Can we make a bathroom stop? My guide: No, it is too dangerous to stop on the highway. Me: But we havent seen any cars […]

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Bash Trump All You Want, But Id Like To See You Make It Through A Statement On Infrastructure Without Veering Off To Condone White Supremacy Once Or Twice

Everywhere you look in the media and on Twitter, people are condemning President Donald Trump for going off-track during a statement on infrastructure initiatives yesterday to defend the white supremacist protesters in Charlottesville, VA. Well, here is my message for all these quick-to-judge critics: You can slam Trump all you want, but Id like to […]

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10 Times Domino’s Pizza Zimbabwe’s Facebook Page Didn’t Fail to Bring the High Quality Entertainment

Definitely our first time stumbling across a ‘Domino’s Pizza Zimbabwe’ Facebook posts dump, and damn are we glad we did. Whoever is running/ran this account could give the social media marketing genius back over at Wendy’s a run for their money.  1 Via: pizzasupport 3 Via: pizzasupport 5 Via: pizzasupport 7 Via: pizzasupport 9 Via: […]

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