Your Gelato Can Be Served With A Silly Face At This Barcelona Creamery

There is nothing better than enjoying dessert all to yourself unless of course, you’re enjoying dessert with a friend!

But if you’re planning on eating alone, perhaps you should stroll on over to Eyescream and Friends, a creamery in Barcelona, Spain, where each dessert comes with a pair of sugar candy googly-eyes!

They take real Italian gelato and shave it into sheets, place your toppings, and pop on the eyes for the finishing touch.

Though it may seem silly, it really is a fun and cute idea, especially if there are kids involved!

I’ve seen ice cream blasted with liquid nitrogenand homemade ice cream withonly two ingredients, but adessert that stares back is DEFINITELY a new one!

Seems like the perfect way to celebrate summer to me… A warm day, some yummy dessert, and a “friend” to eat with!

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