Work At Home Mom Summer Survival Guide

Work At Home Mom Summer Survival Guide

Working at home during the summer creates challenges for the WAHM. As the summer begins, there’s a lot to keep the kids entertained and give Mom time to work on her business. As the summer progresses, however, choruses of ‘Mom I’m bored’ ring out, causing otherwise mild mannered Moms to throw up their hands in complete desperation; right before they start planning an escape route.

Moms can’t escape for too long however, and kids have an uncanny knack of finding the hiding spot anyway. So what can you do to keep your business in tact during the summer months when the cherubs are effectively running the show?

How flexible are you? No, I don’t mean can you play a mean game of Twister while baking a pan of blueberry muffins, but rather, how willing or able are you to adjust your normal work at home day to meet the ever changing demands of tireless children?

Leslie Spencer, founder of Home Based Working Hom, suggests using a laptop with a wireless internet connection. You’ll be a mobile mom, able to take your work anywhere your kids go.

Planning and preparation will make your life less stressful. Before summer vacation begins, do some research to find local youth programs being offered and enroll your kids. Make lists of ‘things to do’ and have ready all of the needed supplies so your school age kids can entertain themselves.

Be realistic. Come to terms with the fact that you may not be as productive during the summer, and schedule your work to make the best use of your time.

Summer challenges for WAHMs do not have to cripple your business. Find local groups and activities for your kids to participate in and remember, time with your kids will pass all too soon, and summer vacation is just one part of WAHM life.

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