Woman Finds Freedom By Capturing The Beauty And Magic Of Horses

Horses are some of the most interesting and beautiful creatures on Earth. Their breathtaking bodies, coats, and manes are dazzlingall on their own. But there is something else about them that transcends their outward appearance, andmakes them particularly personable, captivating, and sometimes, a little bit silly.

PhotographerCarina Maiwald came to realize this mysterious majesty that horses emulate.

Their air of wildness resonated with her so deeply that she began to capture it throughphotography. Her amazing portraits encapsulatetheelegance that they exude within their natural habitats.

In doing so, she showcases the magic that she felt when she first studied them and introduces it to those who may have not experienced it before.

Whether they are playing, resting, or running, they give off this feeling of freedom that no other animal can quite personify.

Check out some of Maiwald’s unbelievable photography below. We guaranteethat it will make you fall in love with horses asintensely as she did.

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Carina Maiwald felt trapped in life by rules that she didn’t understand.

Working at a job that served no purpose toward her heart’s calling, she eventually began to forget what it trulywanted in the first place.

She longed for freedom from what she was feeling, although she wasn’t even sure exactly what that would look like.

“Is being free only an excuse for making decisions which seem incomprehensible to the rest of the world?” she questioned onBored Panda.“Or does it simply stand for listening to the tentative voice of your own heart?”

She began a search in order to rediscover what was missing in her life that would give her the sense of indulgencethat she craved.

She ended up finding what she was looking for in horses.

Their majesty, strength, and elegance created the embodiment of freedom that Maiwald had been searching for.

Eager to combine her newly discovered fervor for horses with her other passion of photography, she began to make stunning equinestills.

She has captured them in many different environments in the wild, in packs, and on racetracks.

All of the photoshelp capture the unique brilliance that horses possess, not just their clearly photo-friendly exterior, but also their souls and spirits.

Through these amazing photos, Maiwald has found the passion that she was missing in her life and is hoping that they help others realize theirs.

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