US National Parks Are Having An Internet Battle And It’s Hilariously Adorable

There’s a furious and bitter battle going on between the US National Parks over a deeply divisive issue: which park has the prettiest sunset?

The war began on May 5, when the Saguaro National Park in southern Arizona posted a picture on Instagram of their evening-lit landscape, innocently boasting they have “the best sunsets in the world.” The Joshua Tree National Park in southern California was not best pleased with this statement.

“Best sunsets in the world? Lol suuuuure,” Joshua Tree National Park commented under the photo.

“We are a little biased but still true. Wanna have a sun-set off?” the Saguaro National Park posed.

“A SUNSET OFF? YOU’RE ON,” they replied. 

And so, just like that, the #ParkSunsetWars begun. Hikers, photographers, and National Parks rangers have since been uploading their own sunsets photographs on Twitter and Instagram across the 417 national parks of the US, from Death Valley to the Kenai Fjords up in Alaska.

To the unsuspecting eye, it may just look like jovial banter between National Park Service PR teams, hungry for a few more social media followers, but things have been getting out of hand:

“Oh really? Another hot park wanting to compete with us?” Kenai Fjords tweeted alongside a photograph of their snow-capped Alaskan National Park.

“Beautiful! It must be nice to see a sunset a few times a year for you,” Death Valley replied.


As of yet, there’s no consensus as to who has won the Sunset Wars. However, for us innocent bystanders swept up in this battle, it doesn’t really matter: we’re the real winners so just sit back and take in the views.



 [H/T: National Geographic]

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