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Transform A Plain Old White T-Shirt Using Tie-Dye Ice Cubes

Looking for cool craft projects for your kids can be a trying experience, especially if those energetic little ones are easily distracted. When you finally find something that entertains them, it’s not long before they start asking for new art supplies or toys. I know I was like that as a kid! I was always looking for the next cleverproject that could boost my creative mind.

But parents will rejoice to hear that this next idea may be one that their children will love for more than a few hours! It’s easy, fun, and can be done on a budget. All you need are the following supplies: a tie-dye kit, water, an ice tray, and a few white T-shirts.

Mix each dye with water and fill the ice tray with the colored water. Stick it in the freezer and remove it two hours later. Usinga scrap of cloth you don’t need, press one of the colored ice cubes onto it.

When you see what it does, you’ll know that your kids are definitely going to want to try this, especially if they get to wear their own art!


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