Traditional Irish Dancers Tap Routine Keeps Up With Quick Lyrics From Hamilton

If you managed to catch the Tony Awards this year, or have walked down any street in NYC, then you’ve felt the buzz of Broadway’s latest spectacular hit show, Hamilton. The historical musical puts a modern twist on the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton with a diverse cast led by Lin-Manuel Miranda. I definitely recommend checking out the soundtrack, especially since actually getting a seat to the show is pretty much impossible at this point.

While Miranda’s incredible talent has certainly earned him and his play plenty of accolades, he isn’t the only person able to beautifully blend the old world with the new. The dancer below,Hannah Red,regularly choreographs and performs Irish dance, and found herself inspired by the rapid-fire vocal technique heard in the play. Like the girls who put a huge smile onSimon Cowell’s face with their spin on the traditional steps, Red decided to go toe-to-toe (literally!) with the lyrics from “Guns & Ships.” Featuring Actor and Musician Daveed Diggs performing as the Marquis de Lafayette, he accomplishes thestunning task of rapping 200 words per minute all while maintaining a French accent!

Redtotally gives him a run for his money with her flying feet as she taps away to the relentless beat of the song. Donning historically accurate clothing and filming inside the Alexander House at theLatta Plantation in North Carolina,even if youdon’t give a darn about the play, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her fantastic routine.

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