To the Moms and Mothers-in-Law Who Say Yes When Your Life Is in Shambles

“To the moms and mothers-in-law who say, “come over,”

and bring the kids,

and bring the laundry

and bring your appetite.

To the moms and mothers-in-law who say, “yes,”

when you ask them to your place to

watch the kids,

help fold clothes

or to cook dinner for you and your family on an overpacked day.

To the moms and mothers-in-law who


your life,

your day,

your home,

and you are in shambles

will pick up the pieces and put all of



and the whole family back together


a giant smile on their faces,

love in their hearts,

and, amazingly,

voiced gratitude that you allow them to continue to be such a vital part of your life.

To the moms and mothers-in-law everywhere,

but especially to mine,


I couldn’t do motherhood without you.”

**This post was written by Nicole Merritt and it originally appeared on her Facebook page. See more from her at JThreenme.com or connect with her on Facebook

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