The Teller

The Teller

The religious debates forth going illustrate our lack of knowing God. The story states it’s the lack of that knowledge of God why we perish. The story is presented to us through written print but all lack the perception of its account. Our vanity has endorsed self established views to the fact of the story. The story relates we can not hear or perceive this statement detailed in its account. We lack the insight to discover the ways of God. We perish as the original Adam did believing the lie of the existence rather then the truth. The story confirming that these views by adam (earth placed man) lack the knowledge of God. There should be no doubt to the believer of this lack since the story states itself that we fall short of God’s glory. Our vanity will not allow the view of something more then the thought we have about any issue. The story place adam a victim of circumstance. The story define an enslave condition on the life of adam. Adam did not have the ability to change that condition of their livelihood. The opinionated view on the story about God has not increase that awareness of Him but has become a pit trapping us. The game we play will never establish the glory God expect of us. It’s in the proper interpretation of the story about God we have enlightenment. We can not assemble together as one voice because of the deception. The Deceiver who snares us knows the one voice would be the word of God.
The account of the story states we can not perceive the statement: take it as fact. This fact states the truth we do not know about God. The thought of even God coming to question due to this lack define by the story account. The reasons why we can not perceive the story fact become the issue. The believer has one fact to the reality of God. Adam conveys a lack to the message given to the statements of the story account. The facts of this life create adam sequence of events told in the account. Adam placement of this account to their earth state is not the message of the statement. Adam application of their fact into this message causes the doubt and non-perception of the stated details. The story states these facts with early man to its current. The problem is the denial of the story due to our lack of perception. That pride of heart about things without the facts. The story even coming to a conclusion with the spirit of truth bring all things to our remembrance. It’s the confrontation of this reality that we have to be told the fact to understand the story issue. We are the problem. The story assures the fullness of the message without confusion or doubt. They who believe must hold to the fact of the story account. The best that could be declared about our belief is the statement that there is a God. The thought is a possibility each should consider about the life.
The story fact states we are the children of God. This fact about the story we should know. We are family. So with all these things known what is the problem? The problem is the story states a reality we can not disclose. We all pride ourselves in self acclaimed glory. The diversity of our family has its division even in a single household. The worshippers of the world cut of its division magnify the complexity. The story meaning not perceive has not formed into our hearts. God has a role in the story. Angel has their role in the story. So do adam in the account of the story. If we take the story for its face value, what makes our truth right beyond the stated ideals of others? We must expose this indifference to assure our way to that glory of God. In the sequence of events detailed in the story are we the cheerleaders on the sideline rather then the players on the field. The son that talks about what he can do in comparison to the son who did. We have a need to examine the ritual performances we illustrate to honor God. We need to define what is this act we do in the name of God? The words spoken that the story states lack that knowledge of God? The story denies that this act we do is the truth of God. First we have to find the path that leads to the way to God.
The truth about the story of God has to start with its beginning. Adam states this beginning centered on the fact of the earth. The thought of this fact is mere vanity. The story relates the acts of angel. The story states God appointment of angels to watch over adam. The story states angel journey with adam throughout the account history. The story of God concludes with the punishment of angel and adam. We all have these facts stated about the story account. Even with these statements we fail to relate the whole thought conveyed about the account. In our definition we forget the host of angel there at this start of the earth. The beginning with angel starts this fact of the story. With this confrontation on this beginning is our lack of its stated fact. We can stay in the darkness of our self proclaimed awareness. Or we can perceive that we could not see about the story account. So I will lay the first brick to this foundation. I have a question pertained to the initial statements of the creation. The question is “who” is telling this account of the creation?
I through my own study understand the fact that Moses related these details of the creation story. Moses gave this statement by God or angel about the start of the world of adam. This is the first brick to the foundation of discerning the story account. The thought is the one who told Moses about the creation. We know there are two Lords in the story account. David made this fact clear. David who was a Lord spoke of his Lord that turn to another Lord. The story of Moses holds the fact of God on the mountain but also an angel in a flaming bush. The story states no man has ever seen God. The story states that no man has heard God voice either. The story states God in the Garden of Eden appointed one to be God. These facts ignite the flow and reality to be known of the story account. The beginning of adam creation starts before there was a garden or a earth. There at that moment was one God. God appointment of a fill in God to watch adam holds the journey from the garden to our current state. Jesus states God worked six days and on the seventh day he worked in His stead. Jesus relates Moses wrote of him. That he knew Abraham as well. The thought coming full circle to one told fact about that beginning. This beginning of adam starts in the world of angel.
Listening to fellow believers I have come to discern an indifference to the teller of the creation account. Most discern the initial statement as God proclaiming His act of the heaven and the earth creation. This is fine except the “and God said” mentioned in the story account. The “and God said” could be the thoughts of Moses to the blind. Or the “and God said” could be the conveyed fact given to Moses by the angel. The believer doesn’t have to get lost in the array of views. The sequence in the account suggests its fact to that account. The “let us make man” in the creation account reflects the world of angel. The world of angel was made before the world of adam. God made the world of angel as He had made the world of adam. Both angel and adam made in that likeness and image of God. The fact of adam not there in the state of the existence to relate these acts of creation about God is the truth. God was not alone and these acts of creation were in the state of angel domain. Religion concepts of this defined act start with God state in nothingness. The fact of angel relates this account start in the world of its host. My concern is the proper and improper illustrations of the creation acts by God. Adam concept of God is in a state of a dark void and angel state of Him in abundance.
Here is the first brick to the foundation. The act of this deception rooted in the host of angel prior to the creation of the earth. The logic of such a statement places a thought outside the known fit of our awareness. The ideals of a world not part of God immediate or the created state of the earth. The truth is the real value of anything we state to the story account. If the fact doesn’t relate the reality disclosed in the story account we need to remove that lie. God doesn’t take the lie as part of His worship.
May we all grow in the wisdom and prosperity of God will,
Alexander Coppedge
TPAC manager

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