She Heard Crunching In Her Skull. That’s When Doctors Pulled Out Something Nasty.

Doctors at the Stanley Medical College Hospital in Chennai, India, were in for quite the strange surprise after a woman arrived to the hospital complaining of extreme head discomfort.

After going to bed, the pain only got worse, and the woman began experiencing a burning sensation behind her eyes. Once at the hospital, doctors blew off the strange pain as nothing more than passing discomfort or a nasal growth. But due to her persistence, doctors performed a nasal endoscopy which revealed a creepy discovery.

They found a cockroach that had made its way into her head.

Doctors believe the roach had crawled up the woman’s nose while she was sleeping before getting itself trapped.

It took nearly an hour for doctors to remove the insect from her skull.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/cockroach-skull/

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