Separated Puppy Brothers Reunite And Cant Get Enough Of Each Other

At just 8weeks old, Boston terrier and pug mix puppy brothers, Finnegan and Murphy, wereeach shippedoff in different directions.

Murphy was adopted by his original Mississippi-based owners’ friends right off the bat, whereas Finnegan ventured off to New Jersey, rescued by Southern Paws Inc.

In New Jersey, Erin Ryan and her twosisters, all living together, found little Finnegan’s photo online, and instantly fell in love. The trio immediately adopted him.

A few months later, though, Ryan ventured off to grad school, andhad to move30 minutes away from her precious Finnegan. To ease her separation anxiety, she decided to adopt another puppy, so she ventured back to the same rescue with whom she’d previously engaged. And, upon arrival, who did she find?Finnegan’s brother, Murphy!

Murphy’s original adoptive family had realized they wouldn’t be able to care for him like they’d first hoped they would, so they’d decided to put him up for adoption throughthe rescue.

After realizing Murphy was Finnegan’s brother, Ryan adopted him, and the two brothers have sincebeen completely inseparable.

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Two Boston terrier and pug mix puppy brothers, little Finnegan and Murphy, were born in Mississippi in September of last year.

Just eight weeks after their birth, they were separated, as most puppy siblings are, likely never to see one another again.


Murphy was initiallyadopted by one of his original owners’ friends down in Mississippi, whereas Finnegan was rescued by Southern Paws Incupin New Jersey.


Finnegan’s picture was posted online, and immediately stole the heart of a nearby trio of sisters.

Erin Ryan and her two older sisters had been looking for a puppy just like him. As she told the Dodo, “My two older sisters and I moved into an apartment together and decided that after waiting all of our lives, we were finally ready to get a puppy.”

So, they adopted him, and all was well.


A few months later, though, Ryan found herself needing to move 30 minutes away from her sisters and Finnegan to start graduate school.

Living with her mother, the two decided to mellow Ryan’s sadness over leaving Finnegan by adopting another puppy.

So, she ventured back to Southern Paws Inc, and who she did find? Finnegan’s brother, Murphy!


She told the Dodo, “From what we understand, Murphy’s original adopters could not care for him and had too much on their plate already, and had to put him up for adoption.”

She soon realized that Finnegan and Murphywere brothers, birthed in the same litter, and immediately filled out adoption paperwork. By February, he joined their growing family.


What’s more, the minute she reunited these long-lost brothers, they seeminglypicked up right where they left off.

“People always ask us if we think they remember each other,” she said, “or if we think they know they’re brothers.They took to each other so quickly and are the best of buds, we like to think it’s because they know they belong to each other and that they remember each other!”

While they live 30 minutes apart, these two brothers are thebest of friends.


They do each have their own personality. Finnegan is smaller likely the runt of the bunch and a little bit calmer.


Murphy, on the other hand, is quite the rowdy little munchkin.

As Ryan explained: “We call Finnegan our cat-dog. He is much more gentle than Murphy and is also smaller.We think he must be the runt of the litter.

“Murphy is our dopey puppy. He’s much more adventurous than Finnegan.”


Regardless of their differences, when these two are together, they are completely inseparable.

“They get along incredibly and love being together.They even insist on sharing a crate at night when Finnegan is visiting home, or else they cry until we put them together.”


While these two puppy brothers were separated just after birth, fate eventually reunited them, gifting themthe unique chanceto spend the rest of their glorious lives enjoying eachother’s company.

What do you think of these adorable puppies’ story? Have you ever rescued an animal? Tell us about your story in the comments below.

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