Review: Hulus ‘Devs’ is a brilliant work of near-future science fiction

Alex Garlands last project, the brilliant sci-fi/horror movie , was hard to discuss in simple terms. Hulu decided to compound this problem for critics reviewing his new miniseries Devs by implementing such an extensive list of forbidden spoilers that we cant really explain what its about. On the surface, its an 8-episode drama set in Silicon Valley, following a tech worker called Lily Chan (Sonoya Mizuno) whose boyfriend goes missing while working for the quantum computing company Amaya. Its about this in the same sense that Annihilation is about an alien incursion, which is to say: technically thats the plot. Thematically, Devs is concerned with grief, surveillance, and the way world-changing technological advances are shaped by the messy human emotions of their creators.


Read more: https://www.dailydot.com/parsec/devs-review-hulu-alex-garland/

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