Photographer Gives Free Sessions To Kids With Special Needs

The woman you’re about to meet is definitely one of a kind, and as for her sister? That’s the reason she decided to do what she does now.

Smith’s sister is disabled, paralyzed, and in a wheel chair. So, naturally, Smith knows about the things that disabled people sometimes have to deal with when they’re not accepted and appreciated for who they are, and instead looked at for what they’re not.

Judgments and prejudice being amongthose things. When she heard that a little girl with Down syndrome was being rejected by photographers? She was disgusted.

Everyone deserves to be able to express themselves.So, she took matters into her own hands…

Stephanie Smith will get hiredfor around $125 perhour session of photography. This is her side job, but she’s getting better at it and more invested by the second with her new subjects.

These new subjectsare kids with special needs. How much she charges them? Not a dime.

All she asks for is a photo with the child to keep as a memory. She’s up to 16, andshe’s still counting. The portraits she takes are beautiful, and you can tell from the look in her subjects’ eyes that the work she is doing makes a real and lasting difference.

Watch how she says these kids change her lives as she tries to capture their lives with a photo.


Read more: http://www.littlethings.com/free-photographer-special-needs/

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