People Are Posting Their Decade Transformations And Here Are 30 Of The Best Ones

Ready or not, the 20s are coming up, and not the ones you learned about in world history. The 10s (teens?) are moving into the pages of the past, so over the next month, and probably for years to come, we’re going to see everyone from pop culture columnists to historians trying to sum up the theme of the decade. Mari, a 26-year-old book critic, inspired Twitter users to get started reminiscing when she posted a picture of herself at the beginning of the decade vs. now. The thread now has thousands of replies in which people look back on how this decade has changed them.

The largest age group on Twitter is 25-34. A demographic that began the ‘10s as teens or young adults has undoubtedly seen a lot of adult milestones since then, like degrees, career beginnings, and relationships. Next in line is the 18-24 demographic, who have quite literally grown up this decade. It’s no wonder looking at old pictures of a person who hadn’t even experienced most of their formative years yet can bring up strong feelings (you also might notice that the older Twitter users taking part in the challenge are a little more chill about it.)

Here are some posts we liked—scroll down and have a look. Then share your thoughts, what you think of this trend, and how things have changed for you this decade in the comments below!

Twitter users look back on their 10-year-old photos



But there’s no need to roast your former self, especially if you were a literal child in 2009. Learning to dress yourself isn’t a “glow up”, that’s just growing up. And nobody likes their fashion choices from 10 years ago. Don’t be so hard on yourself!




Most importantly, don’t let this challenge get you down if you’re not comfortable showing pictures of yourself from 10 years ago, or if you feel like you haven’t achieved much this decade compared to all the people flaunting their lucrative jobs and happy marriages.

2020 isn’t a test—there’s not anything more profound about it than any other year. If all you did was stay alive this decade, that’s awesome. I bet you took some cool photos and listened to a lot of great music. Won’t it be fun to discover even more next year?










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Decades challenge: me traveling to Karlowy Vary in 2009 at 17 vs me traveling to London at 27





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