Overcoming Fears And Phobias Through Knowledge

´╗┐Overcoming Fears And Phobias Through Knowledge

Fears and phobias are very limiting in our lives and keep us from attaining our true potential. This is a brief outline of how I overcame a debilitating phobia, and hopefully this method will help you too,

All my life I had a terrible spider phobia, becoming absolutely paralyzed with fear and having to get others to rescue me from these terrible monsters. Then I got a job as an electrical meter reader, which meant I had to go into people’s basements, and we all know what lives in basements! I knew I had to conquer this life-long phobia, so I went to the library and started researching spiders – physiology, biology, and so on. It was very difficult at first to even look at the pictures of spiders. But the real breakthrough came when I started looking at the mythology and symbology of spiders in various cultures and the general characteristics of spiders. To my surprise and dismay, I discovered that I was very much like a spider myself, and my fear came from a fear of those characteristics in myself. So I embraced my spider nature, particularly the creative nature of a spider, and when I saw a spider I took it as a sign that I was neglecting my creativity. In a matter of weeks I was able to be in the presence of spiders without fear. But the amazing part was that now I rarely even saw spiders as I was no longer attracting them with my fear.

The Law of Attraction tells us that what we focus on will appear in our lives. Focussing on the object of your fear will only produce more instances of that fear manifesting in your life. Getting at the root of your fear through research and observation greatly decreases the impact of that fear on your life.

I believe this method will also work to help you overcome your fears around successful internet marketing. Research, learn, and identify your deep-rooted beliefs about success and money. Find your personal truth about a fear or phobia, and the truth shall set you free!

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