New Mom Learns To Love Her Post-Baby Body

Revie Jane Schulz is a living, breathing beacon of empowerment.

As the owner of CrossFit Babes Miami, a coach, and a social media maven, this Australianspends every day helping others tap into their strongest selves.

Recently, though, after giving birth to her beautiful, healthy new baby girl, Schulz struggled to remainbody-positive.

She’d worked so hard, working out during her pregnancy a path met by both fans’ praise and haters’ shame.

Now, her body wasn’t bouncing back the way she thought it would, and she felt beyond guilty for struggling with that vanity.

For Schulz, while she feltglorious love for her new daughter, she also found her mindriddled with body-consciousanxiety. Soon, those negative feelings began breeding new, self-inflicted shame.

After a period ofreflection, she took toInstagram, revealing her struggles, andsharing a new perspective on their significance.

She’d found that by allowing herself to move through each of these feelings, good andbad, she could shed any associatedshame, andinch her way back toward thatbody-positive state of mind she once connected with so deeply.

Keep scrolling to learn how this new mom is learning to love her new body just the way it is, and then watch the video to see her pregnant workout in action!

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When Revie Jane Schulz, Australianowner ofCrossFit Babes Miami,fitness trainer and Instagrammer, learned she was pregnant, she quickly consulted with her doctor to ensure she’d still be able to continue living her athletic life.

Herdoctor assured her that she’d be able to continue working out. She’d just need to listen to her body, and modify her workouts as time passed.

With the go-ahead, this mom-to-be who has built her coaching careerinspiring others to be their best selves carried on living her passion, for both her own and her baby’s well-being.


Schulz continued working out, and sharing herworkouts on social media. She hoped to inspire other moms, as long as safety permitted, to live their pregnancies as authentically as they sawfit.

While Schulz was maintaining perfectly healthy levels of exercise given her history and strength levels, that didn’t stop the media from pummelingavalanches of criticism her way.


Schulz explained on her Instagram, “Mainstream media would take my workouts completely out of context and make it seem so extreme.”

But Schulz was never in danger. In fact, for the vast majority of her pregnancy, and especially toward the end, she was only exercising at a mere fraction of the rate she had been before becoming pregnant.

She quickly became disgusted by the twisted ways her posts, originally intended toempower, were beingmanipulated into horrid shaming exercises.


In the face of thisnegativity, though, Schulz chose to carry on living her truth.

She wrote: “In a time where all I needed as a mum-to-be was love and support, it blew me away that I have had to defend myself, more than ever.

“So, instead of shying away from the uneducated online heroes, I chose to rise above and continue posting my exercise routine in hopes to join other women who were and are trying to spread a positive message.”


And then, Schulz’s beautiful bundle of joy, Lexington, made her way into this world.

Despite what haters predicted, little Lexi arrived perfectly healthy and utterly adorable in no way harmed by her mother’s exercise regimen.

After sufficient rest and recuperation fromthe stresses of childbirth, Schulz began her nextjourney, toward reclaiming her post-baby body.


This new momsoon foundhernew fitness journey tobemuch more frustrating than she’d ever anticipated both physically and emotionally.

As she sharedon Instagram, writing of her daughter: “I post on the daily about how much I adore her and how happy I am, but there are other sides to becoming a mother that I think are really important to speak out about.

“Ive found myself several times looking down at my belly. I caught myself feeling sad when clutching the loose skin that was once tight, unmarked and toned.

“I tried to embrace and remind myself what it was all for but am left feeling so self-conscious.”

While Schulz had attempted to mentally prepare herself for this post-baby body adventure, some feelings overcame herin waves stronger than any mental prep could have withstood.

Shewrote: “I kept telling myself ‘You knew it wouldnt be back to normal straight away, give it time,’ but it was still a shock and I do get upset about it.

“And that is perfectly okay.”


This power mom has quickly learned that feeling these negative feelings is all part of her journey.

“How is suppressing feelings of sadness and insecurity going to work out for me?

“Trying to undermine those feelings can cause big problems in the future.”

Schulz has since connected with other moms, bonding over these dynamic emotional waves.

She wrote: “When speaking to other Mum friends about it, they agreed that they felt like they were the only ones because it’s not often talked about.

“So, yes I have never been happier and yes I have a healthy, beautiful baby but that shouldn’t mean I bottle up these feelings.”


With time, Schulz has beguntruly embracing her body for everything that it is strong, resilient, nurturing, powerful, and so much more.

“I can honestly say, each week, it does get better.

“I remember thinking Is this forever? I have seen so many changes already and am starting to feel content again! Will my body ever be the same? No it probably wont be and Ive learnt it will be better in other ways.”


She continued, writing: “I am totally in a love fest over my darling girl, but we gotta look after ourselves too. Weve all made our sacrifices and each of us are [sic] entitled to feel.”

Schulz shared one final piece of advice, offering: “Look at what you created! At any moment, I look at Lexi and happiness washes over me. My body is amazing. So is yours.”

After giving birth to her beautiful baby girl, this powerful mama is slowly but surely finding her wayback to loving her body just the way it is now.

Watch the video below to see Schulz’s unbelievable pregnant workout in action.

What do you think of this fit mom’s body-positive journey? Have you ever weathered a significant body change? Tell us about your journey in the comments below.


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