Mother Takes Amazing Photos Of Her Own Labor

Photographs of mothers in labor are an incredibly intimate preview to parenthood.

While they’re witnessing their babies being born, parents’ emotions are incredibly honest and raw.

No two couples are alike, especially in the delivery room. Some mothers are incredibly calm, while some fathers become completely emotional, even if they have to watch from miles away.

The way in which families choose to bring their bundles of joy into the world is also particular to parents. Some opt for water births or home births, and others introduce photographers into the mix.

For one California family, photographing their daughter’s birth was a no-brainer since the mother isa photographer herself.

But unlike most families, this couple didn’t have a traditional third party take the photos. Instead, they captured the beautiful birth photos from the mother’s perspective literally!

New mother Lisa Robinson took her photography to the next level and photographed her own child’s birth.

Though this may sound like an impossible feat, she was able to successfully capture her entire labor and produce some amazingimages.

The photos need to be seen to be believed, so check below to witness them yourself.

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Photographer Lisa Robinson is no stranger to photographing intimate moments between families, from engagements to maternity and newborn photos.

But when it came to her own labor, the California-based photographer and her husband made a pretty bold choice about who would takethe pictures they chose Robinson herself.

Though it started out as a joke, the couple ended up going through with the idea, which created an amazing and unique firsthand perspective of the birth.

Robinson was prepared to abandon the idea if the birthing process became too much for her.

But fortunately, she had a fairly easy laborwhich allowed her to photograph the process from start to finish capturing the medical staff hard at work, her husband’s emotions, and, of course, the newborn baby!

After giving birth to her daughterAnora, Robinson continued to capture the post-birth bliss.

Thephotos are so sharp and carefully curated It’s hard to believe that the process was shot while Robinson was going through labor pains!

Though it was definitely an unorthodox experience, the couple’s idea really did translate into an intimate look at the subtle little wonders of new parenthood.

With a successfully shot labor behind them, the couple can surely look forward to a long, happy, and beautifully photographed life with their new baby girl.

For more incredible images, check out Lisa Robinson Photography.

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