More Than One Way to Find God

More Than One Way to Find God

Glorious the nonsectarian Magic Genie Faith Builder thinks there is more than one way to find your faith in God. He believes that each of us is entitled to find our faith in God in our own way and in keeping with our individual beliefs.
Sometimes it takes a little fantasy to believe in what we cannot see or understand. That’s where your imagination comes in. That’s why the faith that is buried deep within you can be triggered to help you find yourself. That’s why you are entitled to feel good about yourself, learn to express your faith, and declare yourself a person of faith, no matter what your particular religious beliefs are.
Glorious is proud to help us do that by offering 99 Magical Keys to finding your faith. These Magical Keys rely on traditional values and beliefs. Glorious is big on using tradition to help people find their faith. He feels that basic virtues of being kind, and caring about others can help us learn that we are entitled to declare ourselves people of faith. He believes we are all good and worthwhile people who are entitled to have faith. We are entitled to tell the world that we are people of faith.
Couldn’t we all use a little more faith today to help us cope with natural disasters and terrorism? Couldn’t we all use a little more faith to help us feel more secure and to find peace of mind? Don’t all people have the right to have faith in one Supreme Being? Don’t we all have the right to express our faith in God? Who can you turn to for guidance and help when you are troubled or in danger if not to God?
Glorious knows that many of us suffer from inhibitions that prevent us from expressing our faith in God. He knows some are hesitant because we are sinners. He knows that some of us question our faith. But he believes that if we start to believe in ourselves as good and worthwhile people, we can learn to express our faith in God. We can learn to accept that we were made in Gods image and that we were given the right to make choices. We can discover that we can use our God given potential to believe in the strength and the virtue of the Almighty and ourselves.
How else can we learn to cope with natural disasters? How else can we begin to understand that these events help us evolve under Gods good grace in the creation of a better world? Sometimes having faith requires that we accept the fact that we have more questions than answers. Sometimes having faith means we have to learn to understand the answers that are being given to us. Sometimes it means that we have to learn to listen to the words of the Lord with an open mind. There has got to be more than one right way to worship the Almighty. There has got to be a better way for people of good faith to come together.
Arthur Levine – author of The Magic of Faith
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