Mom Who Lost Her Son To Suicide Befriends The Man Who Received His Heart

At the Fred Astaire Dance Studio Pewaukee in Wisconsin, two people are meeting on the dance floor who might have otherwise never known each other. But tragedy has a way of drawing people together, and through healing with the help of others, some of that pain can and does lessen with time.

Janet Ramsey lost her teenage son, Chris, to suicide when he was only 19. Since he elected to donate his organs, this meant a man who lived over 800 miles away would receive an unexpected gift: a heart. “Long before you get [a] transplant, you wrestle with the thought of there’s gotta be some terrible loss for me to survive,” says Jack Eigel, the man who would be given Chris heart.

Lifesaving heart transplants are rare, but miraculous stories like Trevor Sullivan and Amy Ferguson (who had two transplants!) do exist. Jack and Janetfirst met at the Transplant Games of America, a sports event that provides donors and donor families with an opportunity to meet as well as compete in a friendly environment.

The pairkept in touch ever since, and now they even dance together! They recently performed at the Kidney Foundations Spotlight On Life, and plan to continue cultivating a lifelong friendship in Chris memory.

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